April 19, 2019

Garv se Kaho Hum Hindu Hain

Each religion is important and followers of each religion should feel comfortable while practicing their religion.

Few words have killed the freedom to think. Indira Gandhi forced  SECULARISM on the nation. UPA contributed with MINORITY. Yes the Hindus for the first time voted in large numbers in 2014 as they felt that they were suppressed beyond a point to practice their religion and rituals. Scams were  an important issue but the way Hindus were made to feel powerless and third grade citizens under UPA with the help of leftist, News Traders and NGOs too added to the outcome of the election results.

Ten years is a long time period to get adapted to a certain work culture. A culture where News Traders were hand in gloves with the Cabinet Ministers, portfolios were discussed on phone, luxurious treatment were given at tax payers money to all and sundry who was willing to bash HINDUS, project Hindus in bad light, appease minorities, cover up the crimes of minorities and treat Chairperson of NAC as the main power centre instead of Prime Minister. The height was none tried to question the most destructive and one sided Communal Violence Bill.

Some have fallen in line but majority are still breathing hatred for MODI, RSS, Hindus and now the latest addition is YOGI. Let us evaluate EX VP Shri Hamid Ansariji. He used his Freedom of Expression, none in media felt bad. MODI used his Freedom of Expression and suddenly there were heart burns in lutynen circle.

For years Hindus are being targeted on their festivals in West Bengal, UP, Bihar and Kerala. Temples broken, Idols smashed and crushed badly but none in MSM discussed the issue. Before every festivals they also teach humanity and law. Noiseless celebration on Ganpati and Durga pooja, waterless HOLI, noiseless Deepawali. List is endless. YOGI has guts to speak the fact and there is nothing wrong in it. For news traders Akhilesh was good who had barred loud speakers and temple bells in some places as there was a mosque in adjoining place.

I am sure soon other BJP CMs will also get candid instead of earning brownie points or just ignoring the fact. Time is running out fast and candid expression of reality by people in power should be a welcome sign and appreciated. All pay taxes and all should get same benefits. Unless the candid expression becomes the norm of the day, law and order will not improve. Look at the traffic police in any city. They think twice before stopping a muslim rider without a Helmet. Why? When change happens at the top, and implementation at grass root will happen without fear or favor.

Soon after taking charge YOGI had sent legal notice to couple of smart people. The idea is simple. Just because he is a politician, doesn’t mean one can abuse and throw garbage at their whims and fancies. One who does that has to be doubly sure of why they are doing. If there is something wrong and verbal diarrhea is an outcome of that personal pain, as an exception the court may also ignore but if HINDU hatred is the driving force then it should be taken head on.

This land has a rich history and culture. HINDUS kept on accomodating all different religions. This can continue only if the word ACCOMODATE remains in the focus. What UPA and their gang wants is COMPROMISE. What Yogi says is right. If Namaz can’t be stopped on public roads why Kaawariya yatra has to be stopped. One MSM chap crossed all limits and wrote NO GO ZONE. Hello. We can’t have this approach and language of appeasement.

These news traders had taken sleeping pills when Azam Khan misused money meant for Waqf Board. 118 Madarsa were on paper and these liberals, Muslim leaders wants to be HERO. What for? If they really cared for minority, ST, SC and backward welfare their fortunes would not have changed from rags to riches. One doesn’t need to go in details of their financial assets even. Neither MODI nor any business tycoon like Ambani or Anand Mahendra have a biz. idea that gives such returns.  Why install own statues when the poor from the community can’t get two square meals. Why press police party to go and hunt buffalo when citizens in distress are not able to file FIR. Anyway, that era is over. New era starts now.

We have muslim friends and we never ever feel bad when they say InShaAllah in the conversation. As HINDU most feel hesitant to say JAISI Prabhu ki Ichcha or Ramji sab Theek Karengey to them. Which otherwise Hindus do speak while in conversation with Hindus. I have seen a change in attitude of Hindus. Now they proudly post Chath Pooja, Chitragupt Pooja, etc. photos on social media. Some Secular journalists make fun of KarwaChauth and Rakshbandhan and they will continue to do so for some more time.

Time has come to talk freely and ask why prayer facility only for muslims at some airport why not Yoga room for others. Why Kamlesh Tiwari in UP arrested but Aamir Khan given freedom to make film denigrating Hindu Gods? Why one minor arrested in West Bengal but not Imam of Jama Masjid despite non bailable warrants? Let the list of Why come out and legal means used to create uniformity in public life. 

Everyone should cooperate and enjoy life. If some people hate MODI, RSS, BJP their hate should start and end on voting day. After election, courts are there. Trust this would change when more CM will start talking like YOGI. Slavery that started with Mughals and continued in British and lastly with congress is over. Feel free and practice Hinduism with pride.

Garv se Kaho Hum HINDU HAIN 


Picture Credit:   Screenshots from Twitter  yogiadityanath.blogspot.com 


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