April 19, 2019

Gau Rakshaks v/s Modi

Prashanth KP

Though I am a hard core Hindu and a hard core anti-beef eater, I beg to differ with the recent spate of news and views expressed in the print, visual and social media against the Prime Minister’s emphatic displeasure at the acts and deeds of the so called GauRakshaks.  His words, again, has been distorted enough not just by the Presstitutes but by these GauRakshak groups too in no little terms. There has come forth several articles and veiled threats of discordance with some groups perpetuating an *end to Modi-BJP-RSS era* if adequate recourse is not applied.  Laughable it is to say the least.  This kind of a verbal and emotional sentiment, to me, appears to emanate more from a emotional than logical point of view and further, leads the pathway to the quintessential Hindu disunity.


The intent and purpose of the Prime Minister making a Statement against the GauRakshaks was truly a political masterstroke keeping in mind the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. A spate of attacks on Dalits and other Minorities by vigilante Gau Rakshak groups in the name of cow protection had distanced a formidable vote bank that would have otherwise seen merit in a BJP era in Uttar Pradesh. It provided an opportunity for the waning political parties roosting in Uttar Pradesh to spurn the BJP in general and the Prime Minister in particular.


Nevertheless, a repercussion to the extent displayed by various mouth pieces must have been carefully studied, envisaged and shrewdly accepted by both the RSS and the BJP prior to this deliberate announcement by the Prime Minister.

Whilst all of the dissident groups pose to legitimately own the passion of all Hindus and their sentiments as being hurt or attacked by the Prime Minister, I do not agree. I too am a hard core Hindu and I feel that the Prime Minister’s admonishing came at the right time when *some* of these vigilantes, in the name of Gaurakshaks, were creating more harm and uncertainty than its intended purpose. There were places where social harmony collapsed as a result of such vigilante acts. Just as many pro vigilante narratives have cited various examples of anti hindu sentiment and social defiance upon them, so too can several examples of unethical and illogical interference by fringe Hindu groups posing as caretakers of Hindu Samaj and Society be highlighted. Hence, sorry – I don’t buy it nor will I succumb to ingenuine vigilante logic.


Further, all this boisterous and pretentiously vociferous threats that Modi+BJP will find its end like Vajpayee is all but rhetoric, immature and unfledged. It is the *HINDUS* that is being threatened here by such lame rhetoric. It is this very attitude of historically *divided Hindus* that is displayed here. It is these kinds of sentimentally hollow propaganda that is bringing down the HINDU SAMAJ to its chronically disastrous end. It is such antagonism that is dividing the Hindu Samaj further and further away from unity. It indeed is the EGO of such elements within the HINDUS that is blatantly vitiating the pathetic plight of HINDUS and distancing them from becoming one UNIFIED BLOCK of Strength! For godsake, see reason and logic before giving into preposterous and biased opinions or decisions. It will only divide the Hindus further.


To the several opposing GauRakshak groups I appeal – take a revisit at your own existence during the Congress regime.  Where were any one of you other than being an unreckoned distraction hiding behind periodically distasteful vigilantism during the lengthy Congress reign! None of you had the clout or the means to arise during their regime. A Christian Lady at its helm with her shrewd political computations ensured that none other than herself had predominance – until BJP under Modi came to take over the reigns from an ageing Advani. During the Congress regime, all of you self proclaimed or otherwise vigilante groups were significantly nomadic ragamuffins that barely demanded the need of attention. Hence, now, to breathe life afresh and unwisely threaten the very source of oxygen provided to you groups of Gaurakshaks is illogical in the least and foolish at the best. Envisaging the existence of you groups, even in a remote corner, during a future period of non Modi-BJP-RSS era would be a hypothetical farce to say the least !


My humble submission to these supposedly hurt groups of Gaurakshaks is to kindly divert their attention towards Unity & Integrity of HINDUS and assist to become a predominant and undefeatable force rather than bicker and banter with egoistic narcissism thereby hastening the already dwindling HINDU STRENGTH! Please…..for gods sake at least, shun your egomania and see reason to what the Prime Minister said.


If not, you stand to lose, we the Hindus stand to deplete and the Nation at large stands to crumble – just as the adversaries desired!


About the Author

Prashanth is NRI who keenly watches and follows anything that relates to hismother country – India. Born a Hindu, he was raised with values that were largely moderate, inclusive and reverent. Through hisschool and college days he was a ABVP activist – but in the most virtuous sense. A shift from this perspective to essentially a more radical one took place during his NRI days while observing helplessly the outbreak of minority appeasement and vote bank politics actuated by the pseudo-liberal-secularists and the deceiving News Traders or Presstitutes as they are rightly called now. While he is respectful of the holy concept –  “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the whole world is a family) – as written in the Maha Upanishad and inscribed at the entrance hall of our Parliament, hisconscience does not tolerate anymore the rigorous efforts connived by other religious groups and political parties, for a probable extermination of the wisdom and values of Hinduism he grew up with!


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