April 21, 2019


The Gau Rakshaks are the people who have taken it upon themselves the duty of protecting the Gau which the state should have done a long time ago. In many places of our country, cows are let loose by the owners and the free-grazing cows would come back in the evening or in worst case the owner would bring the cow back to the shed. But this is changing slowly as many of the free grazing cattle are smuggled/stolen in vehicles without the knowledge of the owners. Many a times, the police would ask the owners of missing cow to leave the case and tell that they could nothing. When the owners of the cow are adamant, they would embark on a search and rescue mission and when the culprits are caught, the police would file a pompous report and soon the thieves of cows would be back to their business. Even though the entire cow stealing business is a highly lucrative, it is filled with emotions because many of the cow owners have love and respect for the cows with is an Hindu sentiment.

The Gau Rakshaks who come in the news might be genuinely concerned citizen groups or they might be just another type of rowdy elements or a type of extortionists. But how well the outrage industry works to create a image about the Gau Rakshaks. Predominantly in India, it is the Hindus who have a sentiment towards the cows and these are mostly Cultural RW (CRW) group of people. The CRW is the most hated groups among the entire RW spectrum because it is these people who have beliefs in ancestors of our civilization have flown planes, created nuclear weapons, and have achieved many a marvels thousands of years ago. The proofs donot matter and any amounts of convincing or showing proofs would not satisfy these people from changing their stand, even though the CRW know that truth is otherwise. It is the CRW that show the mirror to the colonial and other fascist minded people. Thus the intellectuals have no other option but to degrade the entire group of CRW.

The Gau Rakshaks are one group which could be used to degrade the CRW but it is a long journey for the liberals. The cow vigilantism or the attacks on the people on the suspicion of doing some illegal activity involving cows, might be one among the few countable violent acts done by Hindus directly associated with their religion. This cow protection might have some verses in some shastras or Vedas which could be thrown at the CRW to show that the Hindutva that is being followed by the Gau Rakshaks is equivalent to some other violence done by other groups. If the reader does not get the idea what is being equated it is a sad part on our collective consciousness. The violence in the name of religion is done by Muslims, Christians, communists and the liberals have to drag the Hindus to the same level as the ones mentioned. Hence Gau Rakshak groups are a useful tool in the hands of the opinion manipulators.

It is laughable when liberals and RW declare that Islamic terrorists have no religion, the Christian Missionaries who wipe out cultures have no religious agenda but the Gau Rakshaks have a religious agenda. The other thing that does not get clarified by anyone is why is a Gau Rakshak is getting such a prime importance when only a dozen people are attacked but not the Islamic stone pelters of Kashmir or the people of a Christian state who does not allow women’s reservation. The concern of the liberals is not about the people killed but to bring down the image of the tolerant Hindutva to the gutters as compared to other religious groups in terms of intolerance. If a Gau Rakshak has taken law into his hands, the law should follow and if anyone links it to Hinduism, then other religion induced acts also should be given the same treatment. It should not always be one way abuse of Hindusim.

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