May 23, 2019

Global City Virar – CM and Power Min. Sleeping. Will PM Listen to SOS?

Global City is a township in Virar West on the outskirts of Mumbai on western express highway.

This township is spread over 200 acres of land. Though buyers are staying in this place for the last three years. A major occupancy is seen in the last six months. Most of the people staying here are from middle income group.

Power supply here is very bad. Earlier friday was a fixed day for load shedding during day. From January 2016 onwards the number of days started increasing. Now there are no fixed timing.

If you ask electricity office people in the vicinity they say some connection has to be done in a new building so power is switched off. This is a very disgusting excuse. Call centre also is of no use. They just take the message and give a complaint number. How does it solve the purpose. If you call up again, they give you one more complaint number. Follow up with Hon. CM of Maharashtra and Power Minister is without any response.

global city globalcity_modi2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A lot of follow up is done by residents at different level to get this   resolved but in vain.

Few months back electricity meter were changed in entire township. No one in the township knows why they were changed. Soon after this the monthly bill just got by at least  double. Following month the bill has still gone up. This is broad day light loot. One person may be lying but not the entire township.

Electronics engineer Mr. Pritam Nair who is a resident of this township has done a basic test of usage and units consumed on meter. It is noticed that for every one unit that is consumed the meter is programmed to record 3 units. This is broad day light cheating.

All we are doing is reaching out to Hon. PM for help. When videos of the residents raising concern on load shedding and inflated monthly bill were shared with your kind office, friends on social media questioned our intention. Some educated us that it is not central subject. Some said why PM has to be disturbed for a small issue.

Residents of Global City Virar have some questions Sir:

  • If Shri. Narendra Modi is PM and he should not be disturbed for a state subject related issue then why do you campaign for a state election?
  • If Hon. CM of the state and Power Minister is not even acknowledging our concern what should we do?
  • We have slogged for years, spent infinite hours on social media to ensure you get maximum vote. Even now we keep fighting with News Traders when vote_modi_mumbaithey spread misleading news. Why are we doing all this? We don’t want a big tender as a goodwill gesture? Yes when we have serious issues like this, we will approach concerned government department. If they don’t resolve our issues then we are bound to contact the elected representatives from BJP including yourself.
  • When centre and state government are from the same political party. There should not be any reason for follow up.

Modiji please don’t make promises that can’t be fulfilled. People from Virar have to pay toll for entering Mumbai City limits. It’s INR 70 per day. If one takes a monthly pass the it is INR 1400/- for five toll naka.






This was a election promise put on front page of Times of India. Least said the better.







Paying three thousand per month additional on electricity bill is not a small amount for ordinary people like us. Silence on part of the state government will have some reason for sure. Is this the reason on the right? Is the state government compensating the loss from our pocket?


My personal experience with Shri Suresh Prabhu has been extremely good. In a matter of twelve minutes he resolved the issue and that too on a sunday morning. Three other ministers are equally good. What about the rest?

We have been seeing candidates doing door to door visit during election time. Why do they forget us so fast? We are not earth worms to be walked over ?




We know for sure you are the only one who understand the power of social media.









Global City Virar 1 Modiji Global City Virar Kejriwal Global City Virar Rahul Gandhi

Our request is simple.

  • Please compensate us for the extra money taken from us in last two months.
  • Get the electric meter replaced.
  • Have them tested before they are installed as we have lost faith in the system.




We need to see Governance. Can we expect Independence from this crazy loot before Independence Day?

Sir please treat this as SOS.


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