April 21, 2019

GOBAR – Akhlaq Case

The Akhlaq of the Dadri fame has been dead for a long time and his family has become super rich, thanks to a host of disaster tourists in our political class. A simple murder case has been splashed on the media for several days and a muslim guy was made a hero just to polarize the elections. Gajendra Singh did not find such favor because the liberal elites did not like their own kids to be accused of murder. The real victims of the Akhlaq case are those on whom the cases are being dragged in our lazy courts and “designed for inefficiency” police system.

There are hundreds of victims of various crimes who are not made a hero and the hero making privilege rests solely with the Elite liberals who pick issues based on the need of the hour. The goal and focus of their issue selection is to damage and destroy the spirit of Hindus, Bharat and BJP. If this mission cannot be achieved then the Elite liberals donot care a damn for the death of any number of Indians in general and Hindus in particular. The Elite Liberals just like our Supreme Court donot need any evidence but only have to feel the consensus in the society to pronounce some person, act or anything as immoral. These great people decide on the type of labeling to be given to particular persons so that the individual’s life, career is destroyed forever.

The Elite Moral Liberals have in fact become Immoral Terrorists because the real Moral Police would never have any bias in any of their judgment. But our Elite Moral Police(EMP) have such a bias that the Gods Of Bias And  Rentseekers (GOBAR) would feel ashamed of themselves and would have surrendered their positions to the EMPs. Today the society fears about the EMPs who have now taken on the mantle of GOBAR. The failure of our democratic systems for several years in several areas has only increased the powers of these Elite Intellectuals who have now transformed into GOBAR.

The recent Moral Policing of these GOBAR with respect to a fake news of NTPC hiring the Akhlaq victims is even more dangerous to the society. The GOBAR are trying to determine who can be selected by PSUs and who cannot be. The cowardice of the NTPC is apparent when it is giving clarifications to the GOBAR that they have not crossed the moral limits set by the great GOBAR. The NTPC should have told the GOBAR that their hiring process is as per norms set and it is none of their concerns. But the bosses of the NTPC wanted to seek the blessings of GOBAR and the Elite Moral Police and have now been apologetically giving clarifications. Whether an accused person is not to get any jobs in PSU? What is the agenda of the Elite Moral Police and how can they tell who can be hired and who cannot be hired by which organization.

The darling of GOBAR the Afroz of Jyothi Singh fame was put on high pedestal for his drawing skills by these people. The GOBAR should be shown their place because such immoral people should not be any respect by a self respecting nation of 100 crore.

Picture Credit:  https://twitter.com/htTweets/status/919576098244931584 and Twitter


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