May 24, 2019

Good Rainfall in Drought hit areas of Central and South India


Last four days has seen huge rainfall in the drought hit areas of Marathwada, Vidarbha, Madhya Maharashtra (Jalgaon Nashik to Kolhapur), North Karnataka, Telangana etc.There have been floods in many parts of the country like Madhya Pradesh, Chandrapur in Vidarbha as well as Nashik in North Maharashtra.

Overall this monsoon has been good for the farmers in North Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha, North Karnataka and Telangana where farmers has started sowing. If these rains had not fallen, the farmers were under the threat of having to sow again, thus facing extra costs. This could have further added to the agrarian distress.

A cursory look at the IMD website ( shows a satisfactory picture regarding surplus in the accumalated rainfall from 1-Jun-2016 to 11-Jul-2016,

Region Surplus
West MP 79%
East MP 80%
Madhya Maharashtra 19%
Marathwada 24%
Vidarbha 52%
North Karnataka 19%
South Karnataka 16%
Telangana 30%

Dams are filling up fast in these areas and leading to drinking water and irrigation security for the next full year. Nashik saw two days of unprecedented rain which resulted in the dams providing drinking water to Nashik filling up.

This is much needed relief for areas that have faced back to back droughts and major distress for farmers. Only area of concern is for Gujarat and Saurashtra & Kutch.

Region Deficit
Gujarat 55%
Saurashtra & Kutch 59%

Hopefully next few weeks will see rains cover up the deficit in these areas. Skymet weather reports scattered light rainfall over the entire state till 15-Jul-2016.(

Pray these good rains continue till September and this could be the magic pill to produce stellar results; for the efforts put in by the Union Government led by Shri. Narendra Modi and individual state governments like Maharashtra, Telangana to improve micro irrigation at the village level. Also good rains means a bumper harvest and prosperity in the country side. This would be music to the ears of Shri. Arun Jaitley and PM Narendra Modi.

Written by: Mandar Sawant

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