May 20, 2019

Good work doesn’t have Color

If it were possible for Hindu hating population world over and the news traders they would have approached Hon. Supreme Court to ban Saffron color itself. The hatred is much bigger than anticipated and fake smile on face of such people did not last long.

All the Hindu, BJP, RSS and Modi hating people who thought that Yogi Adityanath would be a zero and not know how to run a vast state like UP and bring law and order under control are biting their tongues. On an average he is making Gaddha-1one announcement every day that is constructive and measureable in terms of success. Be it electricity or attendance in offices.

Camping is good for youngsters. At times good for journalists too. The journalists who camped in Lucknow during election in UP and did their best to keep BJP away from power are now making good use of 4G connectivity. The only flip side is they need to sharpen their abilities to understand Hindi. They landed up making fool of their own self.

Good work doesn’t have color. It has results.

News Traders have thrived on Tragedy, Poverty, Hindu rituals, etc. news. Though time consuming but writing is on wall. Be it UP or any other BJP governed states. Talk about central government, Railway, Foreign Ministry, Power, etc. each one of them have cleared a sizeable backlog of six decades of congress misrule. Problem of news traders is big. How would they get TRPs, how can they survive if rebuttal are given the day they blame. Example is Ministry of Railways for costly purchase.

New era media at least in India has to mend it’s ways. Social Media has already replaced them, gripped by  existential crisis Media & its persons are constantly searching for newer avenues to stay relevant. Good work doesn’t have Color, it is like five elements of nature. Go sell the news not the narrative.

Picture Credit: ANI, Screen shot from Twitter


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