May 19, 2019

Goswami’s “Republic” : The Nation Wants to Know

Love Him or Loathe Him. He did disrupt the way in which news was consumed on Prime Time. Now, the wily Fox has announced the name of his venture. It would be called “Republic”. Being a Christopher Nolan fan, I would like to term the announcement of “Republic” as “The Dark Knight Rises”.

They say “The Devil Lies in The Details”. Goswami’s haters and fans both are curious about the news of republic. The current lot of journalists be it Rubbish Kumar, Khaajdeep , Pagalika or Burkha, no one has the gumption to challenge the status quo. They have always played footsie with Liberals and the Grand Old Party headed by greatest comedian of our times. Charlie Chaplin was my favorite but the Vice President of INC has “Trumped” Chaplin. Goswami’s Republic would be a breath of fresh air. He minces no words and calls a spade a spade. Liberals and Seculars branded him as “Right Winger” for bringing forth uncomfortable truth about dynasty and busted myths about Nehruvian nonsensical nuances.

The Fareed Zakaria show on CNN has been lauded time and again for its audacity and fearlessness. What I expect from Goswami is to create a niche in the Indian Television news space which is so cluttered by folks who are married to the idea of sycophancy and twisting truth to suit narrative of certain political parties. Goswami has the competency to scale new heights and leave behind the likes of Piers Morgan.

The Nation Wants to Know Mr Goswami about “Republic”. Spill the beans soon.

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