April 23, 2019

Governance over Gathbandhan: Ghar Wapsi of Nitish Kumar?



At Annual Martyr’s rally in Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee announced that she will launch a movement to oust BJP from India and christened it as BJP Quit India Movement. The movement was scheduled for August 9 kickoff. Little did she know that July 26th would offer some unique surprises (unpleasant ones though). Why is it easy to report SPAM and difficult to report illegal bangladeshi’s? Quit as Kejriwal’s legal counsel and Nitish Kumar quit as Chief Minister of Bihar. The unnatural, unholy and uneasy alliance between RJD and JDU was at breaking point from quite a long time and Nitish snapped ties in time to signal victory of governance over greed leaving gathbandhan in tatters.

Greed of the Yadavs trumped governance. Collapse of grand alliance was imminent.IMG-20170726-WA0083 Nitish managed to come out clean in the process and has set the ball rolling for political maneuvering. Nitish’s decision to resign has been appreciated. He has stayed true to his stance of zero tolerance towards graft. It remains to be seen whether the self-proclaimed anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal get a “morality check” given the gamut of corruption charges against minister in Delhi government.

Opposition unity is in tatters and Modi Shah juggernaut seems unstoppable. Congress efforts to mediate and diffuse Bihar’s political crisis failed and it sends a strong signal that call for opposition unity cannot emanate from Congress. It has to come from regional parties. Congress has lost all ground. It cannot put together rainbow coalition due to lack of rational agenda.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter, Republic TV, Wiki, Zee and Editing by Rishabh’s lens.


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