March 19, 2019

Government and Heritage

Heritage: Property that is or may be inherited

The governments of India seem to have no idea about the traditional knowledge and heritage belonging to the original inhabitants of Bharat except for a few exceptions. The looting of the Murthis of the various temples is not an issue for the government of India and seemed to have made laws which specify how to trade Heritage objects. The efforts of India Pride Project and other private groups are not even considered by the government as worthy and the government did not seem to have made consultations with these well meaning groups while drafting the law for heritage protection even though the private people have put more efforts than they should have. The efforts of the common people who go to great lengths to do the job of the well paid government servants are treated like dirt by the government. This is the state of the 7th Pay Commission, salary paid, and commission seeking government servants working to protect our heritage. Either the government is paying fat salaries to loose our heritage or they are treating the heritage as government property ie., property of government servants, by the governments and for the government servants’ enrichment.

Instead of enriching the people who are the real custodians of the Heritage and knowledge systems, the government of India is enriching the humanity who are the biggest looters and destroyers of heritage and knowledge. The best example of this is the giving up the control on the Yoga. The statesmentitis suffering Indian leaders have gifted Yoga to the humanity while completely separating it from the roots for the betterment of the Humanity. The question that needs to be asked is, whether the government has considered the interests of original custodians or owners of this knowledge system before gifting Yoga to humanity? The bigoted humanity which seeks to gain everything cannot respect the simple word “OM” which is crucial part of the original Yoga system and yet want to take benefit without giving due credit or respects to the creators of the yogic systems. Giving away the property of the people without getting anything in return is a bane of our leaders. Now there are Yoga systems that are not having any relation to the original Yoga that is born in Bharat and yet people do some circus thinking it is the same or even better than the original.

Alien groups are appropriating and exporting Yoga to us and we are more than happy to consume this twisted, sliced/diced knowledge system with no roots to the originality. The question that remains why is it that government has gifted away Yoga to the benefit to the world when most of the dominant world groups want to loot the knowledge and heritage from India. The loot of our nation is important because if not for this mentality our gods would have continued to stay atleast after independence but we hear stories coming from various parts of our land that our gods are being smuggled out. Why certain people want our gods to be put in private places without the necessary worshipping practices? The people are losing their treasures while some aliens are enriching themselves. The aliens might also be the natives of this land and must be declared as traitors but the heritage gifting government loves there traitors because it enriches the private pockets of the public servants. The alleged public servants allow a practice as long as it enriches their lives in different ways and doesnot seem to be interested in protecting the cultural heritage of this alleged poor nation.

The recent joke played on the people of Bharat by the government is related to the Kumbh Mela. This mela is a purely religious event with connection to mostly 100 crore Hindus or Sanatana Dharmic people. A large part of the humanity has tried to scuttle this religious event and even some Indians have tried to create controversies in this event to make it less popular. The apathy shown by the poor planning of the government agencies over a period of time clearly indicate that the government does not want this event to get grander and more religious in nature. The government wanted to make it into a tourism event and not a sacred religious event. By making it certified by some rascist agencies of the world the government is losing its own authority. How is Kumbh Mela an event of humanity and the statements regarding the certification contains words such as caste, class. Why should the description of Kumbh Mela have words such as caste, class etc in it when the mela is all about sacred traditions of the people? The rascist agencies cannot tolerate such unity among the people and thus have to use adjectives to describe anything sacred belonging to pagan religions. The government should have kept the Kumbh Mela away from the rascist agencies and have declared on its own that Kumbh Mela as a Cultural Heritage of Hindus and not Humanity. Even though Hindus believe all humanity as one family, but most of the Humanity does not consider Hindus as a family and has massive plans to degrade the Hindu society. The government and its various arms should stop this habit of gifting away Hindu Heritage for the sake of Humanity and seek alien certifications and approvals.

Picture Credit: Nikhilesh Yadav


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