March 19, 2019


I take this opportunity to thank a lot of friends and social media supporters who have supported me right from early days on Twitter from 2010. While the focus was purely on getting government and a PM of our choice, we also remained vigilant towards News Traders.

Life rewards in it’s own special way. While UPA 2 government blocked my Twitter handle, Modiji followed me on Twitter. The high of my life on social media was PM sending a message on Twitter during the most difficult phase of my life when the life threatening sickness could have easily ended the other way, than it did.

But the biggest pat on the back came in the form of launching

While lots of promises were made (Unkept) by some known, there are many more known and unknown friends who have continued with the journey all through 2016.

There have been high and low and I am proud to say that ones who are still with us deserve our Sincerest Gratitude. We express our Thanks to all AUTHORS. There is so much to learn from each one of them. The result is I have taken a back seat and enjoy supervising and assisting the team.

Word of thanks to all in back office handling the website, video shoot, promos and editing.

All Authors together have put a great show and I respect the conviction with which they write. While we do hear of a channel to be launched soon which is by, of & for the journalist. We have made no grand announcement to this effect but have silently implemented in May 2016, what is being spoken in Dec 2016.

Word of Gratitude to Commander Mukesh Saini,Col. Mukesh Jaitly,  Major Gaurav Arya (Vetaran), and Sqn Ldr. Rif Husain for assisting us in the project #LiveWithDignity

God willing in 2017 our farmers will have better crop and our Soldiers better hunting. May 2017 bring desired Peace Prosperity and Happiness to the Nation.

Meanwhile, enjoy the remaining few hours of 2016 and cherish the moments.

Picture Credit: PatientKeeper

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