May 23, 2019

Grey MATTERS..!!!

The barren crucibles of knowledge.

I sometimes wonder – what is it that we are doing to our youngsters?

For India to surge ahead in the Global modernisation race, it has to get its priorities right , and the top priority should be the youth, their education and employment.

The Prime Minister keeps repeating that India is a young country and the youth of the nation will lead the country to progress and development but that can only happen when the right atmosphere is created to shape them and incubate their talents.

The scenario so far hasn’t been something that we can be proud of as a nation. Our literacy at 74% (approx) is way below world average ( nowhere near a country like China that we want to emulate – China with a literacy rate of 95%, is 21% ahead of us).  We don’t have good schools and colleges. Our institutions don’t find place among the world’s top universities. The IIT’s and IIM’s, considered as the pinnacle of education in India, find no mention even in the top 200 university colleges of the world.

But instead of focusing on education by bolstering our infrastructure to equip the young generations for the future ahead, we continue to ignore and neglect the Institutions of Learning. The budget has compelled us to draw this conclusion – Spending on education as a share of total budgetary allocation has been falling steadily. This year is no better, it’s just 3.65% of budgetary expenditure.

Brain Drain:

Indians are doing extremely well. Indian Engineers, Researchers, Doctors, Economists and other professionals are sought after the world over and have made our Nation proud – ‘but in their adopted countries’ .

Indians don’t become intelligent the moment they set foot on foreign shores. The intelligence and skill of our youngsters is inherent, it’s our deficient system that’s unable to extrude their prowess.

On the contrary America, Australia, Britain and some European countries recognise the ingenuity of our geniuses welcome them, nurture them and utilise their expertise.

No wonder some of the world’s greatest institutions like NASA, CERN, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE etc are home to Indian Scientists and Engineers.

I personally am haunted by this term – Brain Drain –

My son a Chemical Engineer with impeccable academics called up to tell me that he plans to pursue Masters in the US. I tried to talk him out of it, I floated the idea of him pursuing his Master’s at IIT.

He says that IVY League universities of America are way ahead on all parameters in comparison to Indian ones.

Two things emerge from this :
The sorry state of Indian education &
The plight of an Indian parent.

Trump factor :

Trump wants to make America great again. He dosen’t want foreigners in jobs that deprive Americans of jobs, in other words, Indians are bound to have trouble getting into US for studies and employment.

Instead of grunt and groan on Trump and his knee jerk policies, India has to grab this opportunity, invite the expats who feel insecure in America to return home. Promise conducive environment for them to continue with their Research and profession.

Create world class infrastructure with a focus on R&D. Rope in our thriving private sector to invest in research, tax incentives can help encourage them to invest. Make it mandatory for big  industries to invest in world class laboratories to create cutting edge technology and solutions.

The American blueprint is there for us to take a cue from. Time ripe for India to kick-start a comprehensive road map to become a hub for Education and Research.

Our Prime Minister, is a man with a vision and commitment to put India on track to growth and development has to utilise ‘Trump Ban’ to the fullest. Revamp the ‘Crucibles of Learning’ to encourage our young minds to ‘Learn in India’, ‘Make in India’ and to ‘Make India Great again’.

‘Vande Maataram’


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