April 21, 2019

Grievance Management – PM and his Team (Part 1)

Open Letter to PM

First one and half year was great. While Modiji was trying to understand Delhi and the world I was trying to understand Modiji. No doubt whatever he has done is superb. In some cases he and his team has exceeded the expectations even. My concern and question is when you can do difficult assignment then why on earth simple things that matter on day to day life are left unanswered.

It is important to mention one book gifted to me by my COO Mr. Anil Wad in ORIX Auto Finance India Pvt Ltd in year 2000 when I was in job mode “Who Moved My Cheese” 

Mr. Wad was part of the team that launched five Taj Hotels and two of them over seas. He always used to emphasize on proactive approach. His focus was documentation. His focus was responsibility and accountability. One day he gave me this book. Who Moved My Cheese. I am sure everyone must have read it.

Modiji’s goodwill is the Cheese Mountain. And his entire team is eating from the same mountain.



Modiji government is enjoying the goodwill of many things. No scam, FDI, low oil price, good headway in UP, GST, etc.

There is one area that Modiji has realized and along with with Hon. President of India and others are echoeing it.





What is it?

Grievance handling.

Yes grievance handling.

Before we discuss of how grievance are handled we need to see what high and mighty in power are speaking.





Respected CM of Maharashtra. This is an optimistic approach I am with you. Any answer for this reality?


A simple complaint is not attended despite brought in notice. How would you manage smart cities grievance?

Then there are some super intelligent friends to make fun of a serious problem. Either they don’t read the article / tweet or they have not faced problem of similar nature in life. Hence, gyaan off the cuff is always available.

Sample this.



Some went on to teach that a state subject can’t be escalated to PM. Why?

If a PM comes to campaign in a state election then he is solely responsible for the inefficiency of the state government. And if the grievances have to be divided in Central and State then please tell the Uttar Pradesh voters in campaign that tomorrow when you have BJP government and if any state department is not cooperating and CM is not listening then don’t come to me.

Will you Mr. PM? I know you won’t. But scene is like that. There is a serious conflict between your Ministers and CM. Posting pics of some inaugration, retweeting some good messages sent by citizens is so common. The moment you put some uncomfortable question, they go in isolation.

No one has time to write to PM. It is only when local corporator, MP, MLA and CM don’t help, the concerned citizen approaches the PM. And specially when Centre and State has a BJP government the citizen should not be a victim.

Yes isolation. My personal experience is here. Please ask them why no answer till date.


Neither the Railway Minister nor GM Western Railway bothered to reply. MSM creates hype by sharing videos without realising the implication. I tried to cross check and no revert.

List is endless and now let us get to serious grievance.



So we were talking about goodwill



Why promise heaven when you can’t give? A basic need was advertised just before the Maharashtra state elections on front page of all leading newspapers.


Is this fulfilled? Forget about fulfillment, my follow up messages on twitter were went answered by CM of Maharashtra.

I still pay INR 1400 per month to get unlimited access to 5 entry points of Mumbai city limits. Kya Hua Tera Wada? 

Every year Mumbaikars spend thousands on maintaining their vehicles and hundred of man hours negotiating traffic jams. The height is corrupt contractors get work time and again. And they leave behind their foot prints without any fear. When reported, no one acts. Sample this.



As Dr. Vipul Saxena rightly says:





There are 13000 victims of NSEL scam. These victims are pleading consistently and not a single word from anyone. Goodwill?



Modiji the hard earned tax payer money is spent on MSM who keep bashing your government 24 x 7. Mr. Anil Kohli had suggested use of Social Media.

He has amazing plan to execute it and also get money back to the government treasury. When your government is taking steps to cut down costs and use money for more deserving need of the Nation. An idea for cost cutting and getting revenue back to the government has not reached your desk.

Sad part is the citizen are happy that their voice are being heard. But our experience is not so great. Months have gone by no one cares to even acknowledge receipt of letters sent to your office.

Obviously you don’t go through mails, tweets, etc. A team does the job and forwards the filtered depending on the priority. But there is a serious issue with that. Deserving ideas and request are not reaching you.


Time to revisit power of Social Media

PM Modi

Well well



Modiji here lies the problem for months Hon. Power Minister does’t care to reply and he talks about public participation.


So when we see such tweets what are we supposed to do Sir.


At every step there would be issue of minor nature. A process has to be laid down for Grievance Redressal. Using Digital India let there be escalation matrix, time lines and accountability for every MP, MLA, CM, Ministers.

Unless this happens the number of unhappy citizens is multiplying and so is the number of some Intelligent citizens who make fun.

Development alone will not help win elections.Screenshot_2016-08-07-23-12-35




Before I conclude a look at the care taker of My Gov. No reply till date. Unless the caretaker of the forum show respect to citizens, Goodwill will keep slipping like sand in fist.



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