May 24, 2019

Grievance Management – PM and his Team (Part 2)

Part 2 of Grievance Management is focused on larger issue of Society and Nation.

When Ex PM Manmohan Singh (MMS) said “Muslims have first claim to resources..”.( way back in 2006 the majority was taken aback.

The reason was simple constitution provides Right to Equality to each citizen. Reservation to certain classes of citizens of India takes away the basic motivation of performing in life. If this was not enough, MMS made this announcement.

Then came Shri. Narendra Modi who said Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. It was a clear message that majority population i.e. Hindus will not have to live in fear of a stupid and uneithical Communal Violence Bill slapped on them. They will live with respect without any fear of Secularism forced on them.

Let us take few live examples and unanswered questions that have been on Sea Saw of the government.

Grievance 1



While Modiji personally used the term News Traders on few occasion. RW use the term Prestitutes. There have been umpteen occasions where News Traders have let the nation down.

What is the GOI waiting for? If an ordinary citizen does the same crime, will he  / she be spared? The government is duty bound to answer this question. There can’t be two laws.


Screenshot_2016-08-08-14-50-41      Screenshot_2016-08-19-18-44-24

Anyone booked? If no, Why?

Grievance 2


Ex PM Shri. Rajiv Gandhi reversed Shah Bano judgement in Parliament to please certain vote bank.

What is the government that ran an extensive campaign Mission 272 + done to protect the interest of Hindus? Come New Year world celebrates with fire works across the globe. No one complains.

But when Deepawali is around the corner all sort of NGO’s are active, MSM goes full throttle on noise pollution, permissible descible level and God knows what all. Why? Then water less Holi, Eco friendly Ganpati

People struggle 24 x 7 making two ends meet. If they want to celebrate their own festival why interfere with PIL’s and other barriers?


Modiji may not answer but the people who slogged day and night to see him as PM feel cheated. Will someone in government or in the party take the legal route to ask the Honorable Supreme Court of India why Dual Standards? 

Grievance 3

You can’t have anti national people staying on our land. We keep telling Pakistan that it should not allow it’s soil to be used for anti India forces. What are we doing? We can’t dump these handful of anti India people and we want Pakistan to act just because we have sent infinite dossiers to them. Let us get bold and not bother about News Traders, UN, few days unrest in J&K, etc.

Screenshot_2016-08-10-18-20-08  Screenshot_2016-08-14-12-57-51


There are enough of evidence against such anti nationals and Pakistan can play host to them till eternity.

Grievance 4



Screenshot_2016-05-21-06-59-09 Screenshot_2016-05-26-06-59-18



GOI has to come out in open. If PM can speak and act on fake Gau Rakshaks then why not against all the above grievance. The government on most occasion has been reactive rather than proactive. Who is to be blamed? Voters who thought that Change is around the corner as advertised before elections?

Too much of proteins in body has major side effects. While development is good and much needed but ignorance to above issues will definitely result in kidney stone for BJP. And if kidney doesn’t function, we know what happens?

Why live on support functions when you can fly with your own healthy wings. With current balancing approach repeat of mission 272 + and result 282 in 2019 is just not happening smoothly. People are looking beyond development.

  • News Traders have to be put in jail for spreading unrest in society,
  • Separatists are barbarian and need to be sent to their beloved nation across the border along with well wisher friends in Media and NGO.
  • If terror on Hindus in West Bengal, UP and Kerala is not stopped think of President rule or any alternate solutions.
  • Conversion business has to stop and spoken in public the way fake Gau Rakshak are taken to task.
  • Speedy implementation of Police Reforms and UCC hold the key to compliment development agenda.

Difficult but not impossible. You have achieved a lot in two years. Time to put protective fencing around your hard work. Choice is yours? 

Credit: Thanks to Screenshots from wonderful Tweeples 


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