April 23, 2019

Grow up Shah Rukh

Khan’s in bollywood have a huge fan following. Shahrukh has a share in that pie. Over the years be it Aamir , Salman or Shahrukh have compelled fans to think otherwise.

I will keep my focus today on Shahrukh for obvious reason. Have heard he was a student of Mass Communication. Despite that over the years his personal and inter personal skills have gone for a toss. Right from Wankhede incidence where a ordinary security guard who performed beyond expectation without getting carried away by the clout of a celebrity, to blocked during Mount Mary fare , to illegal ramp outside his home, to Tweeting about his inconvenience at a US airport, what has he proved. That he is celebrity and can do anything.





High time he learn a few lesson from Dr. Kalam.

He was frisked twice at a US airport. He never complained. It was the media and government that took the matter. US then apologised. Dr. Kalam was a down to earth person and world know it. A Canadian Governor General delayed his oath taking for Dr. Kalam. At a convocation of IIT Varanasi, Dr. Kalam refused to sit on a chair. The reason was out of the five chair on the stage his chair was larger in size and Vice Chancellor was supposed to sit next to him. Finally the chair was replaced. During his first visit to Kerala as President, he invited a road side cobbler and owner of very small hotel. In his early days he used to meet them. So he decided to catch with them even after becoming the President of India. List is long and never ending…

Why do I say so?

Dr. Kalam never sought respect. He earned it from all quarters. The journey to stardom is great and if one wants to tell the world that I respect protocol but the wait is not good then avoid going to that country. Lead by example. But if you throw  your weight around of being a star then time has changed. Yeh public hai sab jaanti hai…..

Credits: en.wikipedia.org/  and links to article from various online information, and Twitter screen shots.


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