April 21, 2019

GST @ Midnight..

It has to been seen whether GST rolls-out or tumbles-out . But, whatever it does it’s going to do it today at the stroke of midnight.

Government has decided to burn the midnight oil for the grand gala launch of the much touted , much awaited and much delayed TAX LAW that is called ‘One Nation – One Tax’.

Congress grudgingly has decided to give the gala event a miss . “Parliament” that stood witness to the birth of Independent India at the stroke of midnight should not be used for events that don’t match-up to such momentous events,  is the contention of Congress . Or, are they peeved that MODI is doing what they, the Congress should have done long back – launched it with fanfare. Dynasts to the core , they rue the missed chance to name it NGST or IGST. Yup, you guessed it right NehruGST or IndiraGST – would have been music to their ageing ears ?

Little said about the TMC and other political parties the better, their views, comments and opposition to GST is TAX FREE and irrelevant. Whether they like it or not GST is going to come into existence in a couple of hours.

Government is gung-ho about the launch, it believes that it has all the nooks & crannies covered. The Finance Minister and the pecking order down the line are confident that nothing can go wrong . But , make no mistake , a lot can go wrong . It’s not what goes wrong that should bother the government and it’s Babu’s – it’s how well prepared , how well equipped and how well qualified are they to ‘Right’ things that can go wrong ?

The Industries and Traders are a mixed bag – some are optimistic and some have reservations . Basically confusion rules , hope confusion doesn’t give way to frustration in the immediate aftermath of the launch.

Innovations galore. 

After a hard day at the site, amid rain and slush and traffic snarls, I return, happy to be home but my happiness is short-lived, my wife and daughter are all decked-up to go out. To shop.

To my utter horror, I am told that all the mega retail chains are offering mega discounts on purchases of almost everything before GST is rolled out.

An excuse that it’s already dinner time and the shops would be downing their shutters found my wife brandishing a leaflet announcing that all shops are open upto midnight.

These traders are a innovative lot, they pounce on every chance to sell their products, GST or no GST you can’t beat the guys at marketing.

I don’t know about the government, the industries, the trader , the tax slabs, the benefits to the centre and the states, the losers, the gainers and the politics.

But  Month-end with an empty wallet, I am left standing in a mall, without food, keeping my  fingers crossed hoping that the ladies in my life don’t ruin my life with a fat credit card spend, you bet I am frustrated. I am at stroke of Midnight already pissed-off with GST.

Picture Credit: Wiki and editing by Rishabh’s Lens

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