May 23, 2019

GST Rollout: Madness in Moronistaan

A writer, who has peddled soft porn in the name of literature, flaunts a bill with GST but couldn’t figure out Idli because Pongal was ordered . The incident suggests that after grand failure of #NotInMyName charade, Lynchistan has been reduced to Moronistaan. The map of Moronistaan encompasses liberals, intellectuals who revel in food porn and elite.

GST has become so taxing for inhabitants of Moronistaan that they are scrambling for stories to discredit tax reform process. The elite who were conditioned to Nehruvian Tryst With Destiny could not take Modi’s Tax Tryst at Midnight. They were so used to “this morning iIwoke up at night” Raul Syndrome.

Modi is such a fascist that with roll out of Good and Simple Tax he has forced food connoisseurs to post bills instead of jazzy food pics. What’s on liberals plate has been replaced by bill. It’s clearly reprehensible.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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