April 19, 2019

Guam in the cross-hairs of a Nuclear Gun

North Korea’s recklessness is testing the nerves of Donald Trump. The deranged Korean Kid is playing with his dangerous toys. More the threat of sanctions, more he fiddles with his toys. More the exhibition of American Naval might, more trigger happy he gets. He is calling America’s bluff by cocking a snook at them.

Or is it China that is testing the Yankees by proxy?

Trump’s blow hot, blow cold policy towards China hasn’t yielded results. His belligerent hard ball tactics didn’t scare the Dragon, Trump then went soft on the Chinese – “they are trying really hard to defuse the Korean situation”, he claimed. But, with no progress with the North Koreans, it’s desperate times for the Americans.

The ball squarely is in Trump’s court and he doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how he can get out of the Korean quagmire and how the North Korean bigot can be reined in. Trump knows that the key to the Korean problem is in China but is helpless to coerce or enforce a deal because of Chinese nonchalance.

‘Trump has literally hit a wall – the Great Wall of China to be precise’. 

After talking charge Trump’s tryst with walls seems to have a blow back effect.

The Americans aren’t stupid to assume that the North Koreans are acting solo; they know fully well that China is taking pot-shots at USA via DPRK. The global Tyrant is entirely dependent on China for his very existence, the moment China pulls the plug North Korea will implode, but China will feign helplessness in bringing the Koreans to the negotiating table, because it serves China’s hidden agenda of hurting American egos and keep them bogged down.

The chubby kid is a puppet of China, the Nuclear know-how, the missile technology; the launch pads are all products of China. Korea is a testing ground for the Chinese weapons, the massive arsenal also belongs to China but is stationed in Korea to intimidate the Americans and other Countries of the region that have a dispute with China.

Chinese influence is growing and so is it’s friend circle across the world. But the worrying fact is that the rogue’s of the World like North Korea and Pakistan are its bosom mates, an unfortunate alliance that if left unchecked can one day spell doom.

The world is on a Nuclear precipice. The attrition between the Americans and the Koreans is at an alarmingly all time high. The inexperience of the leaders of both countries only makes matters worse and to complicate things further the ambitions of China’s powerful leader further muddies the already muddied waters.

Guam, says Korea, is in its cross-hairs. A dangerous threshold has thus been crossed. Trump’s “fire and fury” rant was nonchalantly brushed aside by the maniac Korean boy who now has further ratcheted-up the rhetoric by vowing to test a nuclear capable missile into waters near Guamanian shores.

On the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the world paid solemn respects to the victims of a nuclear attack, can the world live with another catastrophe threatened to be brought upon by a fanatic with the active backing of a country like China?

American soil was never under threat in recent years. That status quo has changed. A villainous Dictator armed to his teeth with weapons of mass destruction has issued a direct threat. Can the self-designated policeman of the world do something about it?

Mr President, Saddam paid the price for FAKE WMD’s, will Kim Jong-un pay the price for REAL ones?

Picture Credit: Wiki, editing by Rishabh’s Lens

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