April 20, 2019

Guarantee Minimum Sense..!

The Guarantee Minimum Income Scheme that Rahul Gandhi promises is being hailed by his media cronies as a game changer . The grand old party is gung-ho about the scheme that they think will catapult them to power . But isn’t it time for Congress to realise that the voters are not as gullible as they were a few years ago ?

‘Garibi Hatao’ , a slogan that resonated during Congress election rallies remained a election plank and nothing else , the Congress party never made any effort to alleviate poverty , let alone eliminate it , during its numerous stints in power . When such a party promises something as populist and capital intensive as minimum income guarantee scheme then every Indian has to understand that this is another promise that the Congress party has no intention of honoring once it comes to power.

With General elections just around the corner, it’s but natural that such outlandish ideas popup in the scheming minds of our politicians , it’s for us the citizens to remain sane and not fall pray to ideas that might never see the light of the day , particularly in this case because the party that is promising such a scheme has never had a past record of ‘walking the talk’ .

In the seven decades since independence , the Congress has been at the helm of affairs for almost five decades , it has always claimed that it is a pro-poor party working for the betterment of the downtrodden and it claims to be the saviour of farmers, but a simple fact-check tells us that Poor remain poor and the farmers are no-better-off , so a pertinent question that crops up is , ‘what exactly did they do during their five decades of rule?’

At best, the Guarantee Minimum Income Scheme is a last ditch attempt by a desperate Congress to claw back into reckoning but they forget that the common man is not bereft of common sense to fall for their false promises..!


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