April 19, 2019

Guess the Big Bully

Few years back, a pseudo-Secular and a hypocrite actor did a show about the problems India is facing. The government has believed him to be an expert on the subjects and was even invited to deliver a sermon to the parliamentarians. Though this statement is part of active imagination, it is nothing wrong to write some imaginary statements when the actor himself speaks about imaginary intolerance. What hit Indians hard was the one issue the actor raised in his show – child abuse. It is possible that there may be cases of this issue but nothing much is reported. Not everyone is a saint but considering the whole world, we can be sure that our culture has ensured that we are much better compared to everyone else. Even the last statement is a imaginary but very close to truth, at least we have to think about ourselves in a better way else nobody would thing good about us. Even though there are no statistics to prove the point, another related point can be shown as an indicator which is the rape statistics.

Being a large country, the per capita rapes that are reported in our country put to shame the developed nations but everyone wants to show Delhi as the rape capital of the world. People like Maria Wirth have written extensively on this but not many go beyond because the issue concerns the biggest bully of this planet. It is also written in several reams of paper that even in the so called developed nations, it is not that all cases of rape, molestation get reported just like in our country but Delhi is repeatedly called by our own pseudo-intellectuals as a rape capital. The agenda of these people is neither clear nor moral but they keep getting monies in large sums. One great by2kaafi has been analyzing the issues pertaining to the big bully of this planet and their deeds for quite sometime

While talking and outraging about the sexual crimes against women, a whimper is not heard when it pertains to the child sexual abuse. In most cases, the big bully and his minions are directly involved. The government works with this big bully and its agents to hand the orphans and other children to be taken care. Even the child help line is handled by the agents of the big bully who have a long track record of pedophilia among its members. Recently in the most literate large state of India a minion of the big bully was help up for impregnating a minor and the female minions of the minion of the big bully have worked to cover up the crime. Umpteen number of children are abused by the institutions of the big bully and there is no whimper of noise, because the big bully can make the so called most powerful man on this plant to dance to his tunes.

The big bully made most powerful person to sermonize India about tolerance and our intellectuals have virtually rejoiced at this double speak. When the big bully had indulged in genocide and has even apologized for it publicly, it is called as something great. Nothing can be as pathetic as this statement of forgiveness and rings the hollowness in the minds. That’s why I repeatedly call him big bully and the organization of the big bully has settled millions of dollars for the crimes of his minions with regards to the children in the powerful nations. The children of lesser nations are neither a concern nor a bother him as he serves his only true god. This ideological bigotry gives sanction to the big bully to destroy everything on this planet and conduct the harvest at the end of the every wipeout or disaster. The minions are a breed apart and claim moral superiority based on silly issues but deep down they know they are hollow and to fill this emptiness, they have to become saviors. Every bully has a weakest core or morals and to cover it up he becomes the opposite on the outside.

The identity of the Big Bully becomes obvious, but the truth is what you perceive it to be. It is time to teach the Big Bully and his minions the fullness of Sanatana Dharma and before it, time for the law to do its work against his minions.

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