April 24, 2019

Gun Ki Baat or Strategic Restraint?

While most of the armchair thinkers have been advocating surgical strikes on Pakistan and questioning Modi with 56 inch barbs, sanity and caution is being thrown to winds. People in general need to be sensitized about fallout of immediate warfare. Capacity building of our armed forces have lacked continuity. Purchase of arms on and off is not capacity building. These purchases are just filling the void. A sustained approach towards enhancing the cutting edge of army, navy and air forces is required.  Rushing into warfare right now would be self defeating as surprise element is missing and there will be casualties galore.

Strategic restraint here should not be seen as euphemism for inaction or lack of preparedness. Indian forces are well prepared to perpetuate attack on enemy soil. The timing and place of retribution should be left to think tank of military rather than self proclaimed defense experts on idiot box and social media.

Strategically Pakistan can be made to get taste of “River Sutra”. India should exercise its rights within the treaty and expedite construction of Pakal Dul, Sawalkot and Bursar dams in Jammu and Kashmir. Decision has already been taken to review Tulbul navigation project which was shelved due to  Pakistan’s objection in 1987.

Moreover, Modi government should look at security issues holistically not in silos or compartments. Cabinet Committee for Security meetings are missing. They used to happen more in Vajpayee era.

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

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