April 26, 2019

Gurudaspur Election

A few disheartened BJP fellas are feeling sad at the humungous loss in the by polls in the Gurudaspur elections. Without giving credit to Captain of Punjab it might not be right to analyze the election result. Captain has been driving his state in his own way without much interference from the high command. Hopefully Captain will be true to his constitutional mandate instead of his party’s mandate. The Congress has increased it tally by 2.72% in Lok Sabha and BJP campaigner in chief might get all the credit for this massive victory over the BJP.

Usually when a politician has an untimely death, their kin or political heir is given the mantle by the party to keep the sympathy votes but it did not happen and might be one of the reasons for the loss of votes. The people seem to have put their minds and selected the best among the candidates available. The BJP lost one seat and thus its tally has decreased in the parliament and hopefully Modi will not say that his government is weak and thus cannot push the necessary reforms in the parliament. The Gurudaspur election result is Captain’s wave and the BJP’s Chanakya must see to it that come 2019, this seat is taken back from the Congress without fail. Candidate selection is always key to win elections.

The analysis experts telling that in by polls mostly the ruling party will get the seat are negating the efforts of the ruling party. If this is the reason how can BJP celebrate when it wins in the various local body polls and which the media too happily ignores and hides from the public memory? The BJP has to face several bypolls for the LokSabha in several states and it will always be a nervous fight because every election big or small is always a new test. The party should build more grass roots leaders who can win elections on their own instead of some magic or wave. A politician who cannot win his seat on his own strength is of no use for the party except for some non political purposes.

Those claiming that it is a big blow to the BJP and is a sign of resurgence of Congress are only getting desperate to invent grandness when nothing exists. The resurgence of Congress is as hopeful as the rise of zombies from the various graveyards. The numerous dramas of visiting temples and dancing acts will not wipe out the sins of abusing the gods of majority citizens for several decades. People are not fools even though they appear to be so for a few politicians. The important point here is that the BJP is still in the correct course and a few of its leaders should realize that it was Modi’s wave that made them win their seats and not their personal capacity. A cabal exists in the BJP which is happy with Congress ruling this nation and this cabal is working silently to dent the prospects of BJP all the time.

To find out who this cabal the important thing is to see which top political leader has not been hounded by the liberals, intellectuals and news traders of the secular kind. Modiji and Amithji are always on the minds of this cabal, Rajnathji was targeted based on his son’s issue, Gadkariji was targeted for his trips and other issues in the very beginning, Sushmaji was targeted based on her husband’s law practice, Smrithi ji is always a target. The only leaders who are not targeted are Suresh Prabhu,Paswan, Nirmala Sitaraman, Dharmendra Pradhan, Piyush Goyal, HarshaVardhan, UmaBharathi, Javdekar, etc. A few of the leaders listed above have worked overtime in their respective ministries and a few seem to be too innocent but in politics nothing seems to be as it appears.

Gurudaspur Election Result is a sign of the strength of the cabal and it has not waned to any extent. The cabal is waiting to break the strength of BJP and the signals are only getting strong. If any leader is not analyzed thread bare by the media then it is a strong sign that he is part of the cabal or he is doing extremely good for the party.

In the current times only the former reason seems to be sensible.

Picture Credit: India Rail Info


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