May 24, 2019

Half Engineer or Full Retard?

Being an IIT engineer, he claims to know ten ways to hack EVMs. It’s been established well beyond doubt that AAP’s “Wailing Machine”(Kejriwal) has tampered the state of Delhi in ways more than ten. Legal bills, food bills and advertisement bills have eaten into the states’ finances. He has already spelt out plans to tamper with MCD’s revenues by announcing complete waiver of property tax.

Mechanical engineering does not shed light on tampering of machines. So, how did he pick up the knack of tampering? Misadventures in cupboards? We would never know about “Half Girlfriend”. Couch potatoes may have some answers. Reference to potatoes is purely fictional without any semblance to any entity living or dead. His movie watching expertise always comes handy in judging outcomes in public and political life. The recent defeat in by polls was dismissed as “not the trailer”. He has accused Election Commission of doing drama of holding elections. No one can be a better judge of drama than Kejriwal. His antics and dramatics should be taken up as a case study in National School of Drama else he might show ten ways to tamper NSD.

He has been tampering with Delhi’s governance with shameless defiance. Appointment of 21 AAP MLAs as secretaries faces disqualification from the Election Commission. Rules have been flouted and favors granted to cronies. The findings of Shunglu committee report cannot be ignored. The gross misappropriation of public funds is a telling example of Kejriwal’s scant regard for the system of governance and law of the land. He can engineer any lie to discredit processes and procedures. IITs do not excel in re-engineering statements to generate falsehood. Infact, IIT should derecognize his degree for causing disservice to the discipline of engineering.

Rajat Sharma of “Aap Ki Adalat” fame, in his address at IIT Delhi, remarked that Kejriwal is IIT’s manufacturing defect. Did someone tamper Kejriwal’s brain or he unleashed experiments on himself to gain expertise in tampering? He is on path to self- destruction and needs help. There is no point living in denial. Yogendra Yadav, national president Swaraj India, observed that AAP will do a suicide before BJP goes for a kill. It’s time he should listen to his former colleagues like Yogendra Yadav and resurrection would not be far away.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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