April 21, 2019

Has Delhi failed BSY

BSY deserved to be the CM and tried all his might to get to the coveted CM chair but it seems that luck is not on his side for a long time. Unlike the last time when his alliance partner back stabbed him, the sympathy wave got him votes and with hard luck on his side he got the CM post. But fate has its own plans and in the Delhi leadership he got unseated causing a heavy loss to the BJP as a party for a long. If the Delhi leadership had been with BSY during his previous term, the situation today would have been completely different. The fate of BSY is linked with several institutions and the inner workings of each should be a primary concern.

The Media has virtually hounded BSY for a long time. Even when BSY said he had staked claim to from the government, the media hounded BSY and BJP as to how would they get the number. The media shamelessly covers the public horse trading by other parties but gauges and imprints its bigoted views in the minds of people with repeated assertions. The lazy editors work as congress agents or double agents of BJP to add adjectives to the BJP. Not one prestitute questioned the deal between the two loser parties as they were forming a alliance for the sake of the ATM. People of Karnataka still consider BSY as a corrupt individual even when the courts have cleared his name. The same people consider Pappu as honest because media never tells that Pappu is a corrupt out on bail. The votes that went to NOTA usually belong to BJP because the voters of Congress are of a different category as their matters of concern are completely different and it is their individual choice. The number of NOTA voters and the lazy voters who did not come out to vote are directly the result of the Media manipulation.

The local candidates of the BJP does not deserve any sympathy because they are not even worth a municipal employee. When in opposition the MLAs of BJP were busy with their own private lives barring a few. The Congress in opposition is showing stars to the BJP in broad daylight but the BJP candidates are throwing quilt pillows on Congress. The seats gained by the BJP are only due to the efforts of BSY, Modi, Yogi and other and the personal efforts of the winning MLAs is very less in many areas. The MLA candidates have done little to gain the confidence of the state leadership and those who did not a ticket seem to have played sabotage game to hurt the BJP’s prospects. The BJP leadership should be careful and in opposition, the BJP should ensure that it pays back unethical governments in kind. Being nice to corrupt and illegitimate governments does not serve any purpose and there should be a constant war over every single failure so that people are always reminded of the choices they make.

The role of judiciary has again come out in the open and the side the judiciary takes is becoming more obvious. In the past few days a Ex-BJP candidate thanked Antonio Maino for getting relief in a court case and this itself is an indication how the courts function. By not taking the courts head on for their unconstitutional interference into other areas, the government has ceded too much space to the courts and the Courts have already turned into a Democratic Bully. When was the last time the courts opened midnight? What was the end result of the midnight hearing? With not constitutional dangers, the courts have been mushy with co-idealogues and giving urgent hearings when thousand other citizens are waiting for their turn? The ways of courts are getting beyond dangerous for the nation to sustain any kind of civility. The role of Judiciary has to decided clearly and the courts by not punishing errand people for filing frivolous cases is only making things suitable to itself and is getting bit by bit into all areas of the constitution.

Voters have not come out to vote and it is their right and the voters get what they choose. The voters cannot be blamed for not voting as the parties have failed to convince them to come out and vote.  Even though the indifference shown by the urban voters of most regions is a serious issue for some political parties, it is a boon for many others. The last bit workers of the various political parties should ensure that they know their voters more clearly and address their issues and get them to vote. Being on a election duty, I and many others have seen that Congress has spent well during the elections and also on the voting day compared to the BJP. The area where I did the duty, the BJP has won but the overall perception is that Congress takes care of its voters while the BJP ditches it voters more quickly and goes on chasing the votes that would never come. BJP should realize the voters are emotional beings who have varied needs and only material needs are not a issue. In a mix of various groups, if some groups are chased by the BJP then other groups might leave the BJP because of ideological issue. The BJP should clearly identify who its core voters are and then go ahead with trying to gain their confidence.

The Delhi leadership did not appear to be busy poaching other party candidates to win the trust vote. Whether it is right or wrong only time will tell. But the BJP has fought another close battle with its ideological opponent and has failed for the second time. The first impossible fight was the case of a particular RS MP’s election. The constitutional bodies acted against the BJP then. This time too the constitutional bodies acted against the interests of the BJP. Whether the BJP had any intention of getting to power by pulling out other party candidates is a mystery that would never come out. But making BSY one day CM doesnot bode well for the party that wants to get a stronger foothold in the States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Orissa. The West Bengal seems to be a gone case for good times and the fight back and support offered by the people in power to the cadre is abysmal. The Delhi leadership acts as if the death of its cadre is the cost to be paid for having the BJP in power.

This time in the case of the BJP, the Delhi leadership cannot be blamed and the failure for not forming the government rests solely on the local leadership. Many of the state level leaders have failed to impress the voters about the need to vote for BJP. BSY and few other state leaders did their level best but most others failed in their job of keeping the fight against the government alive and voters felt that it was best to remain indoors as things would not change. For all that has happened BSY has done his best and hope that he gets to enjoy the fruits of his hard work in politics.

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