April 19, 2019

Has Government become Barbareeka?

The duty of any responsible government is to maintain the rule of law and the law should apply equally to each and every one of the citizens in its territory. All the life forms in the territory have a right to life and the governments should also respect the law of nature and rule of natural order. Hence it becomes duty bound for the government to protect the nature and the nature be compensated by planting or creating artificial forests for the destruction of nature at some other place for the needs of the citizens.

Ever life forms want to expand its children and would increase in numbers. Nature has its own ways of solving this issue by the law of food chain and also natural calamities will ensure that excess is removed from time to time. At times the whole of life is eliminated but one species that is not respecting the natural order of population is the humans. We seem to have over populated this planet in the last few decades creating burden on this planet and destroying the other living beings on this planet.

While there are certain groups of people who call global warming a huge western hoax, the effects of the changing climate can be felt by all. Even though only change is the constant everywhere, this change is coming with its own set of problems and the solutions seem to be aggravating the original problem. Thus it becomes important to ensure that a balance is exists between the nature and the uncontrolled humans who are just a part of this planet and not the lords of this planet.

The government seems to be failing to maintain this balance because of its own greed for existence and continuance of dominance. The original governance structure which was created to help the people to live a peaceful existence has overgrown in its ambitions and it seems that the people are raised in the territory to maintain the lofty government machinery. The entire existence is to feed the government the taxes so that more rules seem to be imposed on the people and more wealth is extracted.

The government which was supposed to create equal opportunities for everyone, has been hell bent on creating unequal opportunities. The need to protect the weaker sections has become a joke and the government should realize the story of Barbareek, who has promised to always fight on the losing side. Lord Krishna realized that with the presence of this guy, the battle cannot come to any conclusion but would prolong for eternity. Any imbalance introduced in the equality among the citizens should be for a specific purpose with a condition of the stoppage after some time.

When a species comes to a condition of extinction, activists take up the fight and give extra protection to revive the species. The government tries to do something similar but instead of creating the natural order it is creating zoos forever. The government machinery has become a self serving animal which  always fights against the losing side based on misconstrued ideals and keeps the war going on forever so that it can perpetuate itself over all the citizens instead of bringing equality among all.

The governments should get out of its Barbareek mode and take up the mode of Krishna and bring balance to the society.

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bhat Vijendra Bhat

Experience in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years and currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.




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