May 20, 2019

Has Government turned into Dhrithrastra

The failure of the Indian government and its employees to ensure that the Hindu populaces live a life of dignity is the most obvious. The state is treating the Hindus as some kind of zombies who are to live on bare minimum. I am wondering what part of the alleged Hindu way of Life is not attacked by the so called secular state? In the pecking order of our discriminatory constitution, Muslims and Christians are the top priority of the state. Then come the cats and dogs belonging to the air conditioned scotch sipping half baked liberals and intellectuals. All others fill the middle portion and at the bottom most place of this structure lay the cows and above the cows are the Hindus who want their culture free from the bigoted government control. Above these Hindus are those Hindus who think that getting LPG, bulbs and current is more important than everything else.

When India celebrates its 100th of year of Independence, there would be many people who would criticize Modi for all of his failures in the cultural agenda. Today many people are talking about the failure of Nehru in building the basics instead of doing grand standing in front of the international crowd. Similarly Modi’s works would be a Vikas Bhajan for a few bhakts and we would see Guha incarnates while the skeletons of the Hinduism will remain to be feasted upon by the cultural vultures. If Nehruvian ideology has broken the moral fibre of the society, the vikas-bhajan would bring the cultural sense to only grandstanding with no concrete agenda implementation. All the temple visits are only for public appeasement while doing nothing concrete. The critics would be even more harsh on the performance of the current government than they are towards other politicians of the current or past. Modi would do well to realize the truth and its various undercurrents. For all his political intelligence, there was Delhi, Bihar where the people simply did not buy into his vikas argument when there was a worthwhile alternative.

The people of India are facing the Arjuna syndrome. Seeing his own people in the opposition, Arjuna could not fight for what is right. The Hindus are seeing BJP on the opposite side of the ideological fight. What should have been set right was simply continued and more wrongs are being committed by the BJP. Dhristharastra could not see the faults of his son Duryodhana and continued with this antics leading to the complete destruction by simple yet strong individuals. The present BJP leadership is acting like Dhristharastras and not seeing the various faults of the party MLA/MPs who are acting like mini Dhuryodhana and seem to be busy siding with Adharma. It was Dhritharastra’s fault for not controlling his son and so would the failures of the government for which Modi alone would be held responsible. It is up to Modi and the BJP leadership to continue to act blind to the various anti-Hindu agendas his colleagues are perpetrating or he takes action. The intent seems to be missing and he is only doing the agenda which is having least resistance from the million Dhuryodhanas.

Has Modi turned into UttaraKumara or he is something else who could deliver on his promises which are not opposed by many? When we look back after a few decades, it should not be that Modi is the one who did nothing when he had all the power at his disposal to reset the system. There are demographic dangers and the nullification of the primacy of parliament and both are happening simultaneously. The more delay happens in resetting; the more impossible it becomes to reset the discriminatory regime. The current situation does not give confidence and hopefully the people will see the true nature of the political beast that BJP has become and start to demand favors from it because at the end of the day it is just another political party serving its interests.

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