April 24, 2019

Hey Adam! Strong Eves are Here to Stay!

Be Either a Strong Woman or a Good Woman!

I have been hearing it for ages, but of late, it has become an ECHO following me around!

Be Either a Strong Woman or a Good Woman!

A majority of the men do find it very hard to cope up with strong, assertive, talented women at their workplace. They seem to them as domain intruders in the corridors of work, foreign bodies in the system of life and an invader of their own territory.Even if a woman is an achiever or accomplishes, they attribute it to the attention they get from men bosses by virtue of which they got promoted.

This is a great question. And the unfortunate news is that, yes, some men are terrified of strong, talented women. Now what is it that rips through a man’s heart when he sees a strong woman enough to label her “impossible to get along” “never ever listens” and “good woman but arrogant”!

All across the world it is almost like some gift if ever a woman attains equal footing either personally or professionally. Very few strong women make it to the top, whilst a large majority falls by the wayside. So now is this a gender face-off or a gender-bias?

Even amongst men leaders,very few get along as they are very domain oriented Alpha males; one can just imagine an Alpha female coming along! The whole domain war intensifies and end result is that women feel challenged and diminished. Guess most women are assumed to grow against opposition, because we are so naturally good at overcoming challenges.

Sometimes I have heard reports of these turf wars becoming dirty, petty and unbearable! Frustration sets in because of unfulfilled ambitions, organizational politics and worst of all- unrealized dreams.

Just because the potential of an able woman remains untapped …just because she is a woman?

I have personally been the victim of being feared and hence pulled own just because being “honest” was considered as being “no pliable” and “non compliant” .Deficient people in power, men/women lack  self esteem and confidence, hence repeatedly attack persons with “integrity” They take pot shots mostly at women since the emotional and moral component seems more vulnerable.

My personal experience suggests it is all about one’s own psyche. Seen enough men and women  both of who are tramps, deficient in confidence and ability…hence attack becomes the best form of defence for them! Insecurity governs what the deficient believe is a way to usurp “power”…maybe the masculine “dominance” “strength” is assumed to be a virtue and the very same in women a “demerit”…how sad a standard of scale is that?

There is a fine line between strong willed and bossy, arrogant, self-centred, and controlling. A man or a woman does want to necessarily control or dominate, but neither does he/she want to be controlled and dominated. He /she doesn’t want to feel like they are butting heads all of the time.

Strong people, independent people don’t need to tell you they’re strong or independent! We must never feel redundant or unnecessary either at home or work. Cheers to people… both men and women in power who know navigating organizational politics means:

I don’t need to control

I have nothing to prove

I am whole and fulfilled because I live by my own standards


In a world reigned by a challenged man stomping on a strong woman’s virtues to validate his own worth, may the tribe of Alpha females grow and  lead lives of independence and competence.

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A renowned doctor, scientist, and an academic,she is the regional head of IHRO. A thought leader, a powerful speaker, and an acute observer, one of those rare individuals with both the clarity and conviction of thought, she has the ability to influence through energy, innovate,change long held perceptions, inspire people and affect personalities even in short conversations.Her clear incisive writing has lent inspiration to many a career and transformed many lives.