April 19, 2019

Hey United Opposition, Howz Life?

The warm up exercises to 2019 have been flop show for the United Opposition Gang so far and shall continue.

  • Gorakhpur: Fake Hero Dr. Khan who went into hiding was apprehended by the Police in a matter of days.
  • Ram Ram Rahim Verdict: Only to realise that it was ABV when this case was registered and in NaMo era the case has reached a logical end.
  • Now Gauri Murder: None want CBI enquiry for fear of truth coming out.Truth has the knack of surfacing.

So let me ask aloud. HOWZZ LIFEEE???

Oh it’s quite dull. No one listening. Well this will continue and time to pack your bag and baggage. Everyone is in hurry to make some quick buck along with some two minute fame. Dr  Khan of BRD Hospital was made a HERO in no time.

Thank God Modiji has not converted entire system into Digital India. Else these people are capable of Announcing, Printing and even giving a Bharat Ratna on their own. Dr. Khan arranged oxygen cylinders, Dr. Khan in tears seeing the kids, Dr Khan this .. Dr Khan that. When Advocate IP Patel was tweeting facts, none showed guts to send their OB Van and cover the story.

Son of a School Headmaster became a terrorist as there was no employment. Dr Khan became killer for what? I have the answer. He became a killer by misusing government infrastructure and resources as the patients at disposal were poor and have no where to go. It’s a blessing in disguise. Many more doctors out there and in other hospitals will be taken to task for taking the treatment of the poor too casually.

Ram Rahim Verdict: One thing is there, Ornab will not change. He had to make a grand re-entry and he did it in style. But his dirty habit of screaming has gone from bad to worst. I stopped watching him during Times Now days and now it was a restricted one minute that I spend on few news channel to see the headlines. It suits Amitabh Bachchan in Zanzeer talking to Pran in the Police Station. Not anchors. Anyway, the main agenda was CM’s resignation. What an effort.

Have these people ever thought that a day is just around the corner when citizens will hit the streets asking for their resignation and for their arrests. Just because you are so called journalist or an anchor for a news channel that has few lacs viewership doesn’t mean you just start spreading rumour. After Judiciary and Police, this is one delicate profession to be in. What you say and do has a direct impact on the society. And if this doesn’t improve, it will lead to peaceful protests from law abiding citizens. Not only Ornob, so many from this profession need to make a confession about their loyalty. A murder is a murder. Why one journalist gets attention and rest in some other part of India don’t get? One murder in UP gets attention but other brutal murder in Kerala and West Bengal doesn’t get the same airtime?

Now Gauri murder in Karnataka. I am yet to come across someone in my circle who knows this journalist. Anyway, popularity aside, all those blaming BJP and RSS should give an undertaking that they have concrete evidence of BJP and RSS role in her murder. Hit and run suits Kejriwal. But looks like rest of the opposition has taken this time tested weapon from Kejriwal. It’s a very dangerous weapon. I mean it. Look at his condition with defamation cases. Time BJP and RSS most respectfully sends a legal notice to each one of these United Opposition Gang members and ask them to furnish evidence.

2019 is BJP again. United Opposition started with Suit book ki Sarkar, see where have they landed. There is no future with hate as the agenda. If you want to pursue tragedy tourism then please adopt it whole heartedly. It should not be restricted to BJP ruled states. By doing so you may retain one or two seats from 44 if not more.

Hey United Opposition Gang here is your opportunity. Without any prejudice, meet this family. Help them with all possible legal support if you can. If all that is not possible, please ask Rahul ji to call for a press conference and lend moral support to the victim family.

Exclusive and Breaking first has become a joke. We are not here to give medals. We want to consume news, the way it is. Without announcing who is guilty, who should resign and who should be rewarded. Let people, judiciary and government deal with it. This whole business of media has to change. Instead of claiming Exclusive or Impact, say CERTIFIED TRUE.

Hey United Opposition, Howz Life? Well for once I wud quote Aamir khan dialogue and say the nationalists are happy for 2019 buildup and are saying AAL IJJ WELLL AAL IJJ WELLL


Credits: Screen shot from Twitter and Twitter link


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