April 24, 2019

High Time Separatist’s Security Cover is Withdrawn

“Why did you kill my innocent husband? Yes, we are INDIAN. Yes, We are INDIAN.” 

Grieving widow of DSP Ayub Pandith screams ..

The relentless spate of attacks , killings , and now the lynching of DSP Ayub Pandith in Kashmir show that there is an orchestrated motive to ratchet up violence in the valley to keep it simmering .

It’s no secret that the past few years has witnessed a rapidly deteriorating situation in Kashmir.

Pakistani interference has grown, it has indulged in constant ceasefire violations , it has pushed in militants , it has bankrolled Separatist activity within Kashmir and it has constantly raised the Kashmir issue on international fora .

Simply put , Pakistan has toiled to manifest itself in every possible way to keep the Kashmir cauldron on the boil .

The urgency and virulence of the anti- India forces stems from multiple factors .

A predominantly Muslim Kashmir has a clear disconnect with a Hindu Right Wing government headed by MODI . His image portrayed as a avowed anti-Muslim leader by the Liberals and Seculars makes matters worse , as a result, every effort by MODI to find a solution has been thwarted by the disruptors in Kashmir and his distractors in politics .

Leveraging the suspicion about MODI , the Separatist’s have been able to rally the anti-India elements in the valley to resurrect the uprising that was on the wane. Backed by Pakistan and taking advantage of the divisions in the political class at the Centre and the State , the secessionist forces are working overtime to ensure that normalcy never returns to the valley.

Obstructing Army operations , stone pelting , burning of schools , abusing Jawans etc., are all choreographed to perfection , and it goes without saying that the blueprint and the modus operandi are decided by the criminal think-tanks from across the border , and the criminals in the valley carry out what is bid of them for monetary consideration.

MODI has his task cut out. No point engaging with the Separatist’s , no point having pointless parlays with a lame duck Nawaz and no point taking peace with a Pakistani Army that is perpetually in a ‘Flash Back’ mode – grudgingly recalling it’s comprehensive defeats at the hands of Indian Army.

MODI has no other option but to impose President’s rule and give the security forces a free hand to restore the rule of the law in the valley.

Instant retribution and lightning fast retaliation has to be the standard benchmark against every Pakistani misadventure .

The valley may burn , the valley may suffer and the valley may dissent but no force on earth can wrest it from the REPUBLIC OF INDIA.


Picture Credit: Times Now


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