Hindu Appeasement in Full Swing by Opposition

The power of majority backed by genuine concerns can be put on back burner but can’t be dumped by any political party.

A forecast done on March 25, 2017 in an article titled One Day opposition would Appease Hindus has become reality dot on time.

One day opposition would Appease Hindus

All political parties in past have won elections and dictated their terms as Hindus were not coming together. handful of Hindus used to sacrifice their time on election date to vote and this was used as weakness. NaMo started educating the voters to get their voter id if they supported BJP.

For 2019 BJP and its supporters need to go one step ahead. Check your name in voter id and ensure the first time voter in your family and surrounding have their voter id.

Back to Hindu Appeasement. Congress used to have Cow and Calf as their election symbol before they switched over to “HAATH” (Hand) symbol. Congress Hand could not deliver on Roti Kapdaa oe even Makaan. A confused party in one state changes the law and removes cow slaughter to appease the minorities, in another state their party workers enjoy beef. Now the Hand wants to Protect COW in MP.

2019 will be a landmark election for not only entire opposition but also BJP as voters have become demanding. While the opposition who keeps changing their narrative on Hindus will meet the same fate as in 2014, even BJP will have to come up with a road map for unfinished agendas like action on A to Z scams, poor state of non reserved caste with regard to various loans and benefits.

Social Media and Social Journalism ( #SoJo ) is here to stay. Ones who wish to make a difference need to connect with the masses and throw the gate keepers out of  their office. No matter how loyal a voter, if he/she is humiliated he will take revenge.

Today I make one more forecast, if BJP gives votes to non performing MP’s, they are up for big surprise. Loyal voters want loyal MPs and MLA’s. If the MP and MLA think that they had a cake walk because of NaMo and it will repeat, going forward this will not work.

Appeasing Hindus is a costly affair. It can’t be symbolic. Political parties who are interested in Hindu Appeasement should not wait to win. If they care for Hindus and Cow, start it right now. Why a pre condition?


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