May 24, 2019

Hindu Refugees: Punished for Choosing India?

For more than five decades, Hindu refugees from West Pakistan Region have been clamoring for domicile rights. State governments conveniently denied their rights. Mehbooba Mufti has decided to issue domicile certificates to Hindu refugees. It was long overdue. Separatists have come out from their hell holes protesting the move . They want to stir passions in the valley. Flames post Burhan Wani’s encounter were doused by Demonetisation. Separatists see another opportunity to fan flames of violence.

If Adnan Sami can get citizenship of India, Hindu refugees deserve nothing less than permanent citizenship. Domicile certificates will still deny them the right to buy immovable property and voting rights. They should not be treated as second class citizens for choosing India over Pakistan. Separatists and National Conference have always opposed the resettlement process for displaced Kashmiri Pundits. It’s high time the state government deals with these outlaws with a heavy hand. They should not be dictating the rights of refugees. Separatists have branded government’s decision as “Anti- Kashmir”. They would not have budged if Muslim refugees from PoK would have been issued domicile certificates. There is a sinister plan to drive away Hindus. The demographic imbalance fits their motive. The central government should act swiftly and revoke Passports of all separatist leaders. Their security should be withdrawn. Taxpayer’s money is precious enough. It cannot be wasted on these crooks.

As long as these separatists are allowed freedom to cause disruption, normalcy and growth in the valley will be a utopian dream. Parties like National Conference and Congress have always played soft separatism when not in power. Their duplicity needs to be exposed.

Picture Credit: NewsX

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