April 21, 2019

Hindu Terrorism

The imaginary religious terrorism called Hindu Terrorism or Saffron terrorism has been becoming extinct at a very rapid rate. The three prominent people picked up in the Saffron terrorism case are Purohit, Aseemanand and Pragya Thakur and all are uniformed people. While the first one is a defense uniform the two others wear the saffron uniform which has been a happy coincidence to the cooks of Hindu terrorism.

After every Pakistan inspired bomb blast, terror would have no religion but Hindu terrorism has a definite religion. Even a pre-convert name Siddharth Dhar was hoped as a useful pawn to be used to create the imaginary Hindu Terrorism, but since Dharma is on Hindu side, the Karma has caught up with those who wanted to cook Hindu Terrorism.

With Aseemanand being acquitted from the Hindu terrorism case, and two others are also close to getting acquitted. But people begin to question the motive of the courts and the judgment bias, then the bais can be put back on the people in the first place. When people of particular groups are indulging in acts of terrorism the religious identity is not important but for Hindu terrorism, it is the only important factor in the entire case. Some former government party members were more than happy to conclude the RSS was involved in the terrorist cases while there are not proofs to back their claim and the media happily drilled the Hindu terrorism into the heads of Hindus.

The courts are at their discretion to acquit or punish the criminals and terrorists of all religions and if there is a allegation of bias, then the same should apply to all. But our loudest noises are controlled not by Hindu but by anti-Hindus who are ashamed by their own history and hence are more upset than the $$$ forces that are out there to destroy. When a Christian American shoots a Indian, it is never called Christian fascism at work, but when one drunkard throws a stone on a church it is a Hindu fundamentalism. When a Islamic nation chops a Indian’s hand it is not Islamic talibanism but when a aklaq was killed it is Hindu fundamentalism. When communist kill RSS people or Indians it is never called communist fascism.

All the three world dominating ideologies are expansionist in nature and will keep attaching anything that remains in their path. The Hindus need to develop a thick skin and never go into the victimhood mode. The thick skin is needed to protect ourselves both physically and intellectually. The anti-India forces out there are trying very hard to create Hindu Terror to cover up their own genocides and bring Hindus to their level. But the idiotic Hindus keep equating themselves with all others in the hope of becoming superior and get that so called exalted status. Who would like to give privilege to the so called lower class or 3rd world nation? It is only Hindus who welcome every group that exists in the world with open arms and still get abused. We Hindus have welcome even terrorists and their handlers with open arms to get back stabbed again and again.

In order to understand the issue of Hindu Terrorism, it is important to realize if the intellectuals would speak similarly had India been not a Hindu majority nation? Would the acts of stone pelting be called Hindu fanaticism and why it is not called so? The efforts to create Hindu Terrorism would stop only when Hindus give religious color to all the terrorist activities happening around them. “dharmo rakshati rakshitah”  and though we believe in karma and a few believe “karma is a bitch”. Whatever the case may be, the elusive hunt for Hindu terrorism will continue forever as terrorism has no dharmic mandate in Hindutva or Hinduism. But can this statement be made by other groups???

The truth is out there and is hiding in fear of being called a racist, bigot, islamophobic, etc.

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