April 21, 2019

His (Ass)Holiness : Dynasty’s Pegasus

Being an ardent fan of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), I was offended when one of Chhattisgarh Congress MLA compared dynasty’s scion to a donkey and refused to upgrade comparison terms to a horse. It was insulting both to donkeys and horses. One is a hardworking animal and the other one is powerhouse of performance. Let’s not demean the animal kingdom.

Dynasty stooges have placed the Clown Prince on a pedestal and he is sacrosanct. Everything is a state of mind and his mind works opposite to Jupiter’s escape velocity. Recently, he talked about growing Potato Factories. Need we say more? His coterie of mentors (Digvijay Singh an Ahmed Patel) have ensured that he does not breach intellectual threshold. In a chaotic environment of politics, Rahul Gandhi brings the comic relief. He has some serious competition from Kejriwal. In the battle of zany buffoonery between two comic legends (Pappu and Kejri), winner would be the public who is fed up of clutter and craves slapstick comedy.

The “Khoon ki Dalaali” remark failed to generate political dividends . He should indulge in “Dimaag ki Dalaali” and get some wit.

Picture Credit: International Business Times

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