April 23, 2019

Hit Job against YOGI and उत्तर प्रदेश

yOGI_UPLet us appreciate the hard work put by news traders, NGO’s, liberals and all political parties to fix MODI. Over a decade of hard work went down the drain. This was followed by some more silly fault finding in the way he worked.

A journalist who had the audacity to portray a recorded interview of Sri Sri as a live discussion with other panelists is still complaining that he doesn’t engage with Media.

Well the real problem is there is no problem with Modi government. They did have one big issue to fix him “Demonetisation”. That is also wasted as the results are there for people to see. He and BJP have won Uttar Pradesh.

Everyone knows winning UP is a step closer to Lok Sabha elections. To add burnol to the misery of dozens of journalists who had literally parked themselves in UP during elections BJP won in style and ones who had kept Cycle and Elephant as tool for bargaining to form government were left to break their television set in frustration.

#ABCF ( Anti BJP Combine Force) desperately wanted a spark from somewhere, even if it was from Syria that can be photoshopped. Tweeted by one Modi and Hindu hater, RTed by couple and then shown as breaking news.

No one could digest naming of Yogi Adityanath as the CM of UP. Silly questions were floated in public domain questioning his abilities.Yogi They could not believe that there was a person who was loved equally by Hindus and Muslims. They could not believe that he was running charitable hospitals where people were treated equally. They could not believe that he has employed Muslims in his Gaushala alongside Hindus. They could not believe that the people in his constituency came together to celebrate his success.

Once the celebration was over the next big thing #ABCF waited was how would he run the government. First thirty was nightmare for #ABCF. The first order issued by Yogi that celebration by party workers and others should be in limits. This is in contrast to SP and Akhilesh Yadav. The stage broke because of ver crowding and one died in celebratory firing.

Each day a minimum of one announcement with regard to policy was done. One that picked that got the attention of #ABCF Anti Romeo brigade. Implementation is always a issue. Specially when human interference is involved. Some police officers did went over board in their duty but the issue is how do you control a situation in a state where FIR were not registered easily. Very few would know that UP was a state where maximum cases were registered under Special and Local Laws instead of FIR during Samajwadi Party. There are teething problem. But #ABCF uses these as opportunity to paint Yogi in bad light.

Crack down on illegal meat business was another hit job. If people were running the business illegally then whose responsibility is it?. How can Yogi be responsible for unemployment? Did #ABCF ask Nitish Kumar when he announced banning of liquor? Is Indian Army responsible for loss of job to Stone Pelters?

Dozens of high profile people were appointed as Chairman and Vice President and paid huge money as monthly compensation. Yogi scrapped this too. Imagine a person like Raj Babbar getting INR 50,000 per month and so many others. It hurts and it leads to another Intolerant India kind of scenario.

He is working hard and he will continue to do so. The only way to stop him is using time tested formula. HIT JOB. That too has a limited shelf life. Seasoned Tweeples have punctured all such attempts of #ABCF with the same precision of a Sniper.


The onus of forced SECULARISM (42nd Amentment) is on the majority. It is a matter of convenience. #ABCF who wants to thumping majority for their PRINCE in elections are always against the majority. The train arrived on the platform in 2014. Each state loss by Congress is added coach to this train of New India, minus fake Secularism. State and Nations are not run by toddlers who don’t know the full form of the abbreviation of MGNREGA (a program announced by his own party).


Ones who ran a long drawn out Save Tiger Campaign are worried about ambulance for COW. If one has to ask the amount of money to spread such awareness, there would be pin drop silence. There is a difference between protecting cow and tiger. Law abiding citizens don’t have time nor intention to kill any animals in forest. Imagine if same amount was invested to buy state of art surveillance equipment to assist forest rangers. 


Yogi means business. His eyes are set on multiple assignments to be done. He is focusing on UP but the hatred of #ABCF has made him one very potential candidate for 2024 Lok Sabha elections.




The people across India are going crazy. The screen shot here is in lighter side but speaks a lot of the expectation of the people.



#ABCF is repeating what they did with MODI. Every hit job is binding the HINDUS. Every hit job is converting the fence sitters into BJP vote. Every hit job is exposing them. Every hit job is a proof that CONGRESS has survived courtesy compromised fourth pillar. REPUBLIC and Arnab have shown mirror to the rest and they have no face to hide. Journalism has become joke. Modi’s Gujrat to Yogi’s UP.

… every hit job makes the Right Wingers strong and liberals a laughing stock. उत्तर प्रदेश  will rise. Nation will rise.

Picture Credit: Twitter screen shots


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