March 19, 2019

Holy COW…!!!

Inadvertently the COW is in the midst of a national debate . The debate is all about being secular, being tolerant and being able to eat beef, and to hell with the sentiments of Hindus.

 I am a Hindu and I am proud of my religion. The mesmerizing spiritualism that my religion imparts to its believers is pure bliss. That said, I also believe that every other religion is relevant, why else would other religion have so many faithful followers?

 Hinduism is not just any other religion, ‘Hinduism is a way of life’. This ‘way of life’ is a mosaic of Customs, Traditions, Mantras, Epics & Vedas, intricately pieced together to put us on the path to attain God – we believe that it’s the right path .

 gandhi_cowHinduism is ancient, it has stood the test of time and has grown from strength to strength despite the fact that the land of the Hindus was invaded and ruled by the Muslim Mughals and thereafter by the Christian British. In many countries Muslims and Christians have forcefully imposed their religion and have converted entire population to their religious fold,  but they failed to obtrude their faith on Hindus.

 The once great Greek Gods continue to be awe-inspiring, but within the confines of a museum or on the silver screens of Hollywood magnum opuses, their entire population has been converted to Christianity .

 The Egyptian Gods met with a similar fate, albeit the Egyptians were forced to convert to Islam. Many other religions haven’t been able to sustain the faith of their followers and are mere relics.

 The unshakable faith of Hindus has ensured that Hinduism stays relevant to this day as it was centuries ago, if not more.

 Idol worship is our way of life, so is worship of Nature, Trees, Animals, the Sun, Planets and so on. We take pride in that.

 Cow is very sacred to us, the bovine is highly venerated in Hinduism and is worshiped as ‘Kamdhenu’ – the ‘God of Plenty’.

 It’s highly deplorable that the sentiments of Hindus are the subject of a debate. It’s sickening that the debate veers around cows consuming plastic and cows being ill-treated at gaushalas, instead of focusing on the one critical point that matters – ‘Does eating beef hurt the Hindu religious sentiments’? 

 No doubt we are a democratic country with secular credentials, we are bound by a constitution that advocates free speech and equality, but, ‘FAITH’ transcends everything, when faith and religious practices are questioned the repercussions can be disastrous.


What we are witnessing today in Kerala and Chennai is a sheer disregard for the sentiments of a religion, the undercurrent of this blatant disrespect to Hindu belief is bound to further vitiate the atmosphere, the bad blood between the Hindus and the minorities is bound to get further aggravated .

 Hinduism is not a hegemonic religion, it has never imposed it’s faith on others. Hinduism has always allowed other religions to flower on its land. Hinduism doesn’t preach conversion nor does it ever hurt the religious sentiments of other Faith.

 Similarly, it expects the followers of other religions to respect it’s deep rooted religious sentiments.

Every Indian should pay heed to the likes and dislikes of Hindus. Cow slaughter is highly reprehensible and no Hindu will tolerate it. People who indulge in cow slaughter do it to incite Hindus, instead of applying a soothing balm to heal the hurt sentiments – they have chosen to rub salt on the wounded emotions of Hindus.

 They goad us to retaliate, provoke us to take law into our hands & prod us to vent our anger and when that happens, they talk of intolerance, they blame us of majoritarianism and accuse us of being insular towards other religions.

That’s Indian brand of Secularism -” the longer it lives , the more damage it does “.

Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter, Bharata Bharati @KS1729 @girishalva


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