April 26, 2019

Holy Shit!


He expected “Splash” in Goa, got “Shit” on his face instead. Holi got bitter for some thanks to the “Saffron Surge”. Those who relish Iftaar and Biryani, Holi is just a “Color Changing Exercise” and they do not need a special day to do it. They do it more often than not. Mr Chaddha, before elections, declared that he will quit politics if AAP does not come to power in Goa. Election results have spoiled the Goa party. Mr Chaddha’s knickers (Chaddhi) are in a twist. AAP has been synonymous with lies and doublespeak. So it’s quite natural that Mr Raghav Chaddha won’t quit politics. After all, AAP is the last refuge of all elements rogue.

Out of 40 assembly seats in Goa, AAP candidates lost deposit on 39 seats. Electronic Voting Machines should face an inquiry by “AAP’s Internal Lokpal”. AAP’s Internal Lokpal boasts of unmatchable expertise which even FBI and CIA do not possess. After being “Swept Away” in Goa, Internal Lokpal has got some work on hands. They might take up “Dirty Laundry” of Mr Raghav Chaddha too, if they wish to.

In demographically young country, promises of Wi-Fi and “Free Fish” do not work, emancipation and empowerment works (No Rahul Gandhi version of empowerment, please!). Goans knew that the “Broom Wielders” were fishing for wrong reasons. They were shown the door. Since MCD elections are knocking on the door, Delhiites can expect drama and filth on the streets of Delhi. MCD workers might be left at mercy of Delhi government for wages. After the drubbing in Goa and dismal performance in Punjab, AAP would find it difficult to sell “London Dreams” to Delhiites. The city does not need “Pipe Dreams”. It needs action. Improve living conditions. City has been choked. Pollution levels are alarmingly high. Put an end to “Odd- Even” drama. The city needs “De-worming” from AAP. The party has been living off luxuriously from taxpayers’ money. It spent more than 20 cr for ads outside the state of Delhi. MCD workers remain unpaid for months, filth gets scattered on roads and the ruling party is wasting money on ads and glorification.

The party is nursing national ambitions and ignoring the state which gave it the mandate to govern. The occupancy on Delhi to Goa flight was zero so hopefully the party should do a sanity check and focus on Delhi. With Goa gone and Punches from Punjab, it’s time for AAP to win back trust of Delhi else tsu”NaMo” is going to make things even soon.

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter


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