April 26, 2019

How conscious are you about your Personal Brand Worth?


There was a time when parents used to go and buy cloth material for themselves and the kids. Kids were taken out to the tailoring shop for measurement. The process of getting new clothes for festivals and function was that simple.

So from where did the Brand came into the picture?

People were Brand conscious earlier as well. As a child I remember my father loyalty for Godrej refrigerator, Bajaj scooter, Sunflame gas burner, Gwalior Suiting for shirts and trouser, Bata for footwear, Brittania or Modern for bread. List is endless. Brands were dinned into the head to ensure quality, value for money and dependability.

There as never any aspect of status symbol in that. Yes one genuine reason was that those days the choice was limited.

What was the turning point? 

Television network, aggressive advertising, more jobs in private sector, exposure to global trends, private TV channels content, gifting pattern in functions, packaging. Each of the milestone played vital role in introducing and improving the lifestyle of an individual.

As long as a person spends good enough money not to play risk in difficult times it is fine. But the moment an individual starts spending money beyond limits and starts competing with people in surrounding, financial danger is just around the corner.

The Present

Brand conscious person is created by the parents in most cases. Mall culture is the first playground where kids are trained and educated unknowingly. As the kids grow they start discussing the same with their friends. As an outcome some parents while they are speaking with friends they complain about kids asking for i phone. or may be instead of a routine Hero cycle now the child wants a Firefox worth INR 24,000 plus other cycling gears worth INR 5000.

Social media is one of the best thing to happen but it has its flip sides too. At times people gets into competition with their own loved ones just for the sake of proving that their Brand worth is also high.

Buying Branded products and service is not a crime. But one needs to be careful and vigilant about the earning too. Simple adjustments can make a big difference and keep the bank account healthy.


Go for sale instead of brand new. Check the utility of the functions before buying an expensive mobile. Check the number of kilometers you would drive a four wheeler in a month along with recurring maintenance. Probably you may land up buying a car that would not be parking most of the time but you would be enjoying as and when you want.

To conclude can you recollect the brands that Dr Kalam was loyal too………..Yes there you are.

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