May 24, 2019

How did Mr. Arun Jaitley attain Cult Status with BJP SM Supporters?

How did Mr. Arun jaitely achieve cult status with BJP supporters on social media, I have been  Intrigued by this Mystery. The incumbent finance Minister  is an accomplished legal luminary, I recall my  student days in Delhi University, that year ABVP won elections to all four posts.

A=Arun jaitely (Prez DUSU)

B=Bharadwaj (Vice Prez DUSU)

V= ved prakash(Sec DUSU)

P= Poornima sethi (Jt Sec DUSU) Who went on to become the minister for transport in Delhi government under the stewardship of Mrs Sushma Swaraj.

Mr Arun Jaitely did suffer during the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi 1975-1977.

These videos do immense damage to the reputation of Mr. Arun  Jaitley,

Unfortunately till date we have not witnessed any rebuttal to the  allegation hurled by Mr. Ram Jethmalani, who is an eminent jurist his own self.

It is baffling the supporters how an individuals who suffered at the hands of Gandhi parivar can be seen and perceived to be close to the same family. Bitterness of that experience shud not wash away so soon.No one expects the hon Minister to be vindictive, yet to perceived to be soft on the parivar is unacceptable to the public at large.

This is further compounded by his overt proximity to NDTV adds to rumor mill.



Every action of his is placed under a microscope and dissected by the supporters. Very little he does gets the approving nod from BJP’s SM supporters who are his major detractors.

Not withstanding his sharp legal brain, oratory skills, his membership in BCCI and the slow movement on cases against NDTV, P. Cchidambram get the goat of BJP  SM supporters  Mr. Jaitely’s actions get an equal and opposite reaction without lapse of much time, He is not always in the wrong but the reaction of supporters is always  strong and opposite.

Given his skill why has he not won a single election other than the DUSU president in all these years of public life.  Induction of Dr swamy in Rajya Sabha has give rise to greater speculation of his importance being undermined, Now with Mr Ram jethmalani also being in the race for Rajya Sabha, should RJ enter Rajya Sabha, we are sure to witness some sharp exchanges between RJ & AJ it’s a given Since RJ  has not minced his words every time he has spoken of AJ.

Public is extremely upset with finance Minister for the unrelenting tax terrorism as it is being called.

below tweets bear testimony to the anger in the public.



In conclusion has the Prime Minister lost the plot by appointing Arun Jaitley as Minister for Finance as also for Information & Broadcasting.

CREDIT To the tweeple for posting their tweets & the makers of video which were recorded much earlier than today.

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