May 24, 2019

How Meaningful will be the Appraisal?

Our PM Shri Narendra Modi will be taking some tough calls in the next few months. The exercise of appraisal for his cabinet ministers is ong11 the cards. Looking at the  way points are given in the media I don’t think this exercise is required also. The only reason he wants to give this opportunity to his ministers is to see what is it they have to show in terms of justification. Basically the performance can be divided into four categories:

Out Performed,


Performed to give an impression of great performance,

And not performed but actively involved promoting daily tweets of PM.

If you  look closely at the above categories then without any hesitation the names can be filled and no presentation is required.

By logic and to keep professional ethics in place the ministers do need a fair opportunity to present their case. Apart from what they have to showcase to the nation, what the nation would also like to see. This is what the ministers should present.

  • Cost of running the ministry office during two terms of UPA and comparative data during last three years.
  • Pending projects of UPA at the time of taking charge and status with cost increase or savings.
  • Employment generated.
  • Meetings with middle class citizens and outcome.
  • Turnaround time for reverting to grievance and average time spent on twitter.
  • MP funds used in last three years and the projects. If funds remained unused then reason for the same.
  • Funds disbursement through Mudra loan, CGTMSE, etc and status of successful and NPA’s.
  • Status of congress scams and follow up in their constituency if any?
  • How many times did they meet the citizens in their constituency the way they met during election canvassing?
  • What were their personal assets at the time of winning election and what is the status now? If there is an increase of more than 6% than details of business/real estate they invested.
  • Did they declare their financial status as requested by PM during Demonetization. If no, then reason for not doing so.
  • How confident are they of winning the same seat if elections are held six months after GST is rolled out?
  • How confident are they of winning an election without NaMo trademark rally in their constituency? Reasons.
  • Do they support Right to Recall for non performance?
  • What are key take away in their ministry and how it has helped the masses?
  • What have they done to remain connected with their constituency and rest of India? Only numbers please.

On a personal level the PM has done much more than any other person in his place could have done. The issue and reality is right from corporator to Ministers everyone is enjoying the fruits of BRAND MODI. This is a bad situation to be in for the party. With great confidence I say BJP will have a successful 2019 election   but that is not because of the government as a whole. It will be because of development work that was never done earlier by congress government. Ministers and CM who perform and no one has doubt on their integrity have failed in Grievance Handling. Will list down some open Grievance till date.

It is clear that few in BJP have created a Suraksha Kavach and no one is allowed to enter it. They are happy with the achievements of PM without realising that every day is a new day. Someone in active politics like NaMO has to be supported by information from the grass root level that is not happening. Ministers not interested in meeting common people. Know it all attitude is bad when one is riding on success. Time waits for none.

Most of the Ministers and CMs share achievements and meetings with PM and other visiting dignitaries. It is good for knowledge that they are working. Send them a grievance and they prefer not to revert. Had brought this to PM’s notice. Have no idea who manages his twitter handle and My Gov site. Have shared one major issue towards the fag end of this article.

My three years of experience and observation might come handy even before PM sits for the appraisal.


Apart from the online survey on Twitter, here are some facts.


Let me start with Power Ministry. Excellent track record and has won the heart of almost every Indian. When it comes to Grievance handling not too quick.





Here is another gentleman, too busy to respond. Expected prompt response from Ex Defence Officer.





This was the reason for sending above Tweets.

w1 w2



Some friends may think that asking that grievance and asking for appointment can’t be done on Social Media. So let’s clarify that doubt as well. Keep checking the dates.


app 3 app2

Hon Railway Minister is highly respected and appreciated for quick response and I have had many good experience with him. But if the issue is serious, silence is the answer.







NIC has done a superb job of making a simple application to seek appointments. But this has to be activated by the Ministers and CMs concerned. If PM check the record, he will be shocked to see the poor numbers. Ones who have activated this application on their site don’t bother to revert. Why have it then?


I used this application for Ministry of Textiles and Ministry of MSME. Barring an auto email and SMS nothing constructive happened. Digital India is useless if the Ministers and CMs want to run their political career on MODIs brand image. This is a major problem and needs to be addressed by none other than NaMo.

Last but not the least staff in PMO too needs to be questioned. The day NaMo took oath was an important day for entire nation. I too was excited watching the entire function. Apart from the live telecast my focus was on PMO site and it was not active. I was more than sure that the moment the oath taking is concluded the site would be live. And it did happen. I had kept a draft mail for an appointment with the PM. It was easy to find his email id. Probably I was the first one to send email to him. What happened next is for nation to see.





There is plenty of such record to be shared. Whole idea is not to find fault but to bring home the point that arrogance is running high and there is no time for ordinary citizen who brings no photo op value say like a person from a poor background, or a film celebrity. Some may say that I am forcing my personal experience and if that comes my way then there is some more screen shots and mail at disposal to be shared on request.

I repeat, NaMo has to get his MP, MLA, Corporator , everyone work for the ordinary middle class. An appraisal is a welcome step. But this exercise should not be for the sake of it like the declaration that MP and MLA were asked to do during Demonetisation time. If this appraisal is a serious step then few heads should roll. And remaining to be made accountable and answerable.

High time Digital India is made part of the law makers interaction with the citizens. How Meaningful will be the Appraisal? We all will patiently wait and watch.


Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter.





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