February 18, 2019

How Safe is Your Housing Society? Part 1

MC vs Residents

Living in cooperative housing society has its benefits and we need to respect managing committee members.

I am yet to come across a housing society that is in spirit cooperative. Let us evaluate the same.

Managing Committee (MC) members don’t get paid by the housing society. They come forward to take responsibility. In some cases there is voting to select MC members. Whatever may be the case the reality is you need patience to become a member of the housing society.

The members of MC are liable for arrest in case of eventuality as well. Most people carry the impression that MC members mint money. There have been  cases in the past. For now we shall focus on Safety?

It’s because the residents run away from responsibility. Residents need to understand meaning of two words Responsibility and Accountability. I will not write the difference between the two. Some learned readers would know the difference. One’s who don’t know should Google search.

Having said that we as residents have enough of options to be part of the MC but we choose not to be part of it. Members of MC are your neighbors. So why have grudge against them. Hate the act not the individual. Get involved in healthy criticism not back biting.

Let us undergo a simple test to check how much you care for the premises that you stay. Ready.

Do you love your Family? Who will say no? None. In that case let us accept the reality.

Great. Let us go ahead with a simple question. Choose any one you feel is simple to answer.

  • What is the expiry date of the fire extinguisher on your floor?
  • Do you know how to operate the fire extinguisher in case of fire?
  • Do you know how many type of fire extinguisher are there?
  • What is the date of inspection of lift by BMC or any municipal corporation limits that you stay.?
  • Does your society office / notice board have all necessary numbers like Fire, Nearest police station, nearest hospital, local MP, MLA, Corporator.

MC members may be at fault, what is your contribution?

Life is precious. Don’t compromise. Assist MC members. Then only COOPERATIVE word in housing society is meaningful.

Safety is one area where entire focus is on getting mandatory certificates for fire, lift, etc. The managing committee has honorary members. And they function with scarcity of time. The intention is to meet government guidelines rather than cross checking the functionality of various equipment. Government department will function because they are supposed to but what about the residents? Why leave safety to chance?

As residents we need to take initiative to assist the managing committee members. Take initiative and ensure everyone is aware of the mandatory safety equipment and guidelines.

Remember our initiative will not only save life of our family members but also life of so many in Fire Brigade. Better to be proactive than reactive.

Picture Credit: Zee News 


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