April 19, 2019

How Safe is Your Housing Society? Part 2

Structural Change

Buying a home is a costly affair.

I have observed some buyers are far more better in making optimum use of the space. At times I think these brains should be in some Intelligence or with Defence service. These are those set of buyers who take less than fivc minutes to identify where all kitchen window and balcony can be extended, while the agent is still not done with the sales talk.

We all know there are multiple approvals from various government authority before the Occupation Certificate is given. There are reasons why certain process is followed. Once done, then it’s the duty of the residents to hire a certified Structural Engineer to approve the desired changes. Same has to be presented to the Housing Society Office for approval.

Some residents may like to approach housing society office directly for approval is fine but then the office will still ask for a certificate.

Any change without the approval of housing society is threat to life to residents and also liable for criminal action if any accident takes place.

We may land up increasing couple of square feet in the flat but at what cost if protocol not followed.

Love the family more than square feet.


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