April 19, 2019

How Safe is Your Housing Society – Part 3

If I have to ask a simple question many may laugh. To develop this article I have to ask either ways.

Have you ever seen security guard of your housing society sleeping?

Not once, many times. Right.

You may have seen these guards doing double shifts even. Right.

The issue is not why they sleep on duty or why they do double shifts. What needs to be understood is why they are not performing even 50% of the capacity they are supposed to.

Security guards is a ever growing requirement. There are plenty of organised and un-organised agencies in this industry. Majority of agencies get their employees from Bihar and UP. They land up in Mumbai in search of jobs like loaders, labors at construction site, etc. Some land up with Security Agency. The agency is in hurry of taking new clients on board, clients are in hurry of finalising the agency without doing proper due diligence. One biggest living example is security guard firing at colleague at Shahrukh Khan Bungalow. In this case the guard had not even spent one week in Mumbai after coming from his home town and was posted at his place.

What mistake we keep doing every day?

  • Again, managing committee (MC) is responsible. Friends technically speaking MC is responsible for everything. Is it not your responsibility also to assist them and stop any wrong doing if noticed?
  • Depending upon the entry and exit point, you need to keep the manpower. This hardly happens.
  • One sales man knocks at your door. What is your response. Just say no I don’t want to buy and shut the door. Instead of that ask him “Have you taken society office permission? Take that person to the society office. Call his company and take necessary action. You got be vigilant.
  • Look at the agility of the guard. Most I have seen are not fit. Some even of the age of grand father.
  • Why do we ask them to do personal work? Remember every time he leaves the place you are not guarding the place. It is unattended.
  • Most importantly, we have a habit of negotiating and compromising even for the most important thing of our life. Security. A security guard earns in the range of INR 3500 to INR 4500. This is after paying some commission to agency on monthly basis. He is bound to do double shift in the same society or some other society in close vicinity.

Legal Liability is additional. If MC is not paying as per minimum wages act then they are liable for legal action. The agency may not pay but the housing society is Principal Employer and liable for legal action.


First and foremost, you need to open the purse. Unless you pay more you want get decent result.

Security agency has to be finalised depending on their past record of clients and current strength of employees. Ask for detailed information of each guard. It should cover His name, address (permanent and current), photograph, two references and their address with contact numbers, his employment with existing company and previous, etc.

What is the bench strength of the security agency? This helps in giving weekly off and replacement if any guard is absent or going on leave.

When the new security agency takes charge, give them standard operating procedure in writing. Same has to be known to each and every guard before they are given duty in your premises. This eliminates plenty of small issues like managing water pump, meter board, electricity panels, swimming pool rules and regulations, vehicle parking (authorised and un authorised), etc.

Remember you got to be part of the problem to find a solution. Else, danger is at door step.

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