April 19, 2019

How to deconstruct an EVM using Muffler?

Saffron surge continues unabated and AAP has become the only ruling party to lose deposit in a by poll election. AAP has indeed changed the electoral politics. After losing credibility, losing deposit in elections is a natural progression for broom wielding party. A new broom sweeps clean. The party in question has been swept off the “Garden” (Rajouri Garden). With MCD elections around the corner, it makes sense for “The Muffler Man” to deconstruct the EVM in the most unconventional way – by using his trademark “Muffler”. Why should he wait till first week of May for the hackathon?

How could Yugpurush possibly deconstruct an EVM using Muffler? Step number one – put the EVM on a tripod created by using “Broom”. Wi-Fi signals are not needed because EVM are not connected to internet (What a relief!) Step number two -Pour one tablespoon of “Corex” syrup on the machine (purification process). Step number three- wrap the EVM with the muffler and bang it on the floor of “Mohalla Clinic” to dismantle it. Deconstruction complete. The pieces of deconstructed EVM would be analyzed by experts at Mohalla Software Labs. The experts would be blindfolded to honor the legacy of Dhritrashtra(Election Commission). AAP swears by ethics and that’s why they have blindfolded experts.

Blaming EVM for electoral losses is a “defeatist “move. The party needs to go back to the drawing board and deconstruct their strategies. The strategy meet or “Chintan Shivir” can be held in NIMHANS Bengaluru so that Yugpurush can benefit.

Picture Credit: Screen Shot from Twitter


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