May 27, 2019

Human Rights for Whom?

Internet doesn’t spare anyone. News Traders may say what they want but the reality is downloaded in millions of work stations, lap tops and smart phones of the nationalists. Human Rights is for law abiding citizens and not barbarians.

The so called torch bearer of Human Rights were silent when Malda riots started. They remained silent for so many brutal murder of RSS workers in Kerala. Meeting family members of terrorists is TRP but never the ones who are martyred or brutally killed.

Human Rights makes sense for people in disasters, accidents, riots, orphanage, old age homes. Not with people who are at war with the Nation.

Some problem are interlinked in India. Secularism, minority, backward caste. These are being misused by Media and News Traders to inflict maximum damage on Hindus. Tragedy Tourism is 24 x 7 and anyone is welcome to jump onto it as long as they can abuse Hindus and Modi. The onus of proving integrity and Secularism is on Hindus rather than other way round.

News Traders have rubbed the Hindus along with congress, leftists and Human Right activists on wrong side consistently. The first taste of the revolt was 2014 elections. Modi became PM.

But they don’t seem to learn lesson. Aamir Khan tried to use his Star Power to portray Intolerance and he payed the price of doing so by loosing SnapDeal and TataSky account.

I find no difference between these people and stone pelters of Kashmir. These people want to target the Hindus and invoke Human Rights for the wrong people. For them it is FOE but the ordinary citizens can’t vent their thoughts on social media with facts even. They are termed as TROLLS.

Ones who have taken the responsibility to invoke Human Rights themselves are not Being Human. Rights can’t be invoked and benefits can’t be given based on religion. What congress, NGO and their loaders have done in the last few decades is APPEASEMENT not Human Rights.

Though most people on social media are aware but for the benefit of others some screen shots are important for this article.





Even our enemy Pakistan recognizes and endorses News Traders.



The dual approach of News Traders have classic and live examples of Divide and Rule. Why blame Britishers? We have living legends of Divide and Rule.











Present government has taken some initiative but they are not enough. Arrest of separatist should be real arrest. Someone staying in luxury will not feel the heat. Let them rot in some jail where there is hardship in day to day life. I would go one step ahead and talk about the Human Rights of the jail inmates who go through the struggle on a daily basis, not getting enough space. Why someone who is anti national getting luxurious stay under arrest. 


And then someone who writes on his Twitter profile “Our Newsroom goes where the news is”. Where was he when Malda happened? How many families has he visited of RSS workers killed in Kerala? Probably News Room stuck in traffic jam. And RSS workers have no Human Rights only poor son of a Headmaster.



And then these people have the audacity to praise a terrorist. What about the Human Rights of the man in Uniform?


Very angry because of lack of economic opportunity. Rahul bhaai Kashmiri Pandits are also very angry. I am equally angry. We just express ourselves, have we picked even a Ram puri forget about Ak47?

I always wonder how share office space with Gaurav Sawant. How you even talk to people like Aditya Raj Kaul?

None in media questioned this threat by Mulayam Singh Yadav. Did Human Rights activists send a legal notice to MSY after this report? At least I have not seen.


Media which is in the race Breaking News and at times wants to claim Patent sort on some news were interested in this Exodus. Where was Human Rights?


This is self explanatory.




Media is concerned on a genuine work process and reports that as some mischief by government. Will they ever make their income public?


These are not terrorists. These are law abiding citizens. Do they have Human Rights? How many in Media visited their families? Did anyone in media question leaders from Left parties? Did Human Rights approach their families? Please share details if I am not aware.


Did anyone hear any debates on this serious issue?


How many in media stood by him? Did you hear Aamir Khan, SRK, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt stand by him? Hindus needs to be bashed. They are majority. Any other subject is sensitive so none will go close it as the outcome is evident. That’s why when cowards talk about Human Rights, I feel like laughing.


Poor and most illeterate are victims of conversion. Do the poor don’t have Human Rights? What kind of charity is this. To get it you need to get converted. How many in media have done consistent TV show on this violation of Human Rights? Come one threaten the Home Minister in your Kangaroo Court. Home Minister has no right to remain on seat. There is open and mass conversion happening and government not acting. None will do that. That is reserved for people like Shri Yedurappa only.


The true love for Human Rights and true advocates are some of the journalists is explicit. Their love has crossed all limits and it has gone to an extent that Pakistan would be finding it difficult to digest. Someone out there must be saying. Bas kar pagle ab jaan legaa kyaa?



Hindus in Kerala, UP and West Bengal have not Human Rights. Right from the time Babar invaded to present day, nothing has changed. They need to be kicked, insulted and made to remember that the onus of Human Rights and Secularism is on them. They did the biggest crime of coming togather and voting for Modi. How dare. Compare the time spend by media on Gujrat with these states.


Madam cried on this encounter. Shaheed Shri MC Sharma had no Human Rights. Terrorists are misguided young poor youths. They need to be counselled. They can’t be killed even if someone has to pay the price of doing the duty.


Someone who never had the guts to air cash for Votes wants to enforce his views on Hindu Terror. Dude understand Hindus will never do that. If at all even a small percentage of Hindus pick up arm you know what will happen. The un written assurance of the religion has given you and many like you to shame Hindus without facts but when it comes to minorities you and many like you don’t tag them. Then it becomes “between two communities …..”




Worst is our judiciary is also leaning in one direction. Why single out only Hindus. Dahi Handi or any other festival. Where do Human Right activist go. Modiji should scrap Right to Equality. After 42nd amendment this is very important. Why have it in when everything is bending in one direction. Instead it should bring an amendment that should be titled Right to Get Humiliated.


Coming to the latest rona dhona on 8 SIMI story of Jail Break. These people were actually in the profession of making bricks to be donated to villagers for making huts. These people were actually playing hide and seek in Khandwa jail and Shivraj government tagged them as absconding. These people were actually checking whether guards were alert on duty in Bhopal. These people were actually checking whether gun of cop on duty Mr. Yadav was in working condition. All the Human Rights were reserved for them only. Law abiding citizens have no right. They deserved to be killed like the way Ajmal Kasav killed. Isn’t it?


Time is changing fast under Modiji. NewsTraders are loosing ground. What was possible earlier is not thinkable now.


Ones who selling the nation will be taken to task.



Instead of Tragedy Tourism Rahul should stand by reality. Khatiya drama will not help.

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Complaining looks good in school. Beyond that one has to stand by the nation. Above all Man in Uniform deserve Human Rights, their family deserve it in case of eventuality. Not the school masters and their children with AK 47.



Picture Credit: WhatsApp and Screenshots from Twitter shared by friends and well wishers.


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