October 22, 2018

Human Rights, Kashmir and News Traders

Many learned authors have written reams on Kashmir and on news traders. One area that I have noticed is IMG-20170418-WA0088conspicously missed is Human Rights. But Human Rights is the most talked about subject by all news traders. Why not, in the name of Secularism if Nation can be harmed then what stops news traders from giving undue mileage to people who are not law abiding citizens.

Screw have not been placed by the government. Tightening is a far cry. Open a news channel, talk ill about government, bash Hindu customs, drum up stage managed protests of NGOs who have not bothered to file returns since the day of their inception. Make an unfit student surviving on tax payers doles Hero, as also another gun totting charlie on social media hero and son of poor school master.

IMG-20170418-WA0089Sooner or later there will be President Rule in Kashmir. Writing is on the wall. Many are still criticizing the PM for not reading well before entering into an alliance in J & K. But what I have understood about PM Modi is he would have foreseen this to happen. But he may have thought of striking two birds with one stone. If at all democracy brings normalcy then it would have been good for all. In case of eventuality of President’s Rule is a must and then no one can complain about democracy not given chance. So the worst has happened and now the government has the freedom to do what it wishes.

Whenever it happens the government should do few things by default and without any compromise. Army will give brief to media as and when they feel it is important. Media has to be kept out of Kashmir for substantial period of time. Anyone trying to out do government be it national or overseas media needs to be taken to task. Freedom to travel has cost us dearly all throughout.

Separatists need to be arrested and lodged in different jails all across the country. Start time bound criminal caseIMG-20170418-WA0090 against them and close the chapter. Any sympathiser be it Professors, students, bollywood celebrity, Aman Ki Asha brigade, etc needs to be treated by law and no media coverage for these people. Ones who wants to break the nation should not have access to media.

download National Conference license to contest elections should be withdrawn. How can you be moving freely after setting up JKLF and making pro pakistan statements.

Human Rights are for law abiding citizens and not for the ones who keep breaking the law consistently. Till recently the central and state Screenshot_2016-11-28-10-35-58 (2)government have shown least courage to arrest separatists and Jama Masjid Imam. Why? The fear of law and order situation deteriorating should not be the criteria to give such people free hand to keep kicking us all through out. None can be bigger than the government. Neither naxalites nor the separatists. Let United Nation and Amnesty scream and say what they want. None have shown mercy towards citizens of Baluchistan. Global outrage is PR driven and even the Noble Peace Prize has become a joke.

Till such time the law breakers are not tried, the law abiding citizens should be spared. Divert our tax money from Kashmir to Jammu and Laddakh. Ones who are mislead can be shown light. But if someone has decided to keep the eyes covered can’t be brought in mainstream.

IMG-20170418-WA0091Time to get tough with news traders as well. Check their personal assets. What have they done in journalism to become so rich. How many war room secrets and documents from North Block have they sold to Pakistan and CIA? There has to be a catch. The cancer cells can’t be treated with mercy. Doctors will loose their job if ever they try to do so. What about the ones handling Kashmir? Am sure the government is planning something big and a permanent solution for Kashmir. Equally important is to plan a sustained release capsule for the news traders as well. Administer it once. Every time they have urge to share their loyalty to pakistan, a default treatment is done. Let Human Right be for Human and not for uncivilized beasts and barbarians.

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