May 19, 2019

Human Rights of Men in Uniform

Nothing is untouched by politics, not even HUMAN RIGHTS. Over the years we have seen how some people in media and NGO’s have used the shield of Human Rights to not only paint armed forces personnel in poor light but also sided up with the anti nationals or the Breaking India forces. Today some political parties have forgotten their national duty and obligation.

What is Human Rights?

UN Definition of Human Rights – “Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more.  Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination”.

Constitution of India: Article 33 and 34 to be read with regard to Armed Forces, Men in Uniform and any  other government officers with regard to certain Fundamental Rights. This includes preventing these government officers and staff from forming political party, joining or forming trade union/s, protest / dharna etc while in service.

Article 21:  Protection of Life and Personal Liberty- No personal shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by Law. Over the years Hon. Supreme Court of India has also included Right to pollution free water, cultural heritage, human conditions in prisons etc by using Directive Principle in Part IV of the Constitution.

In a nutshell all such provisions point towards one simple expectation “Life of Dignity”.

Jammu & Kashmir:

This is one state where the Armed Forces and state Police force work cohesively to fight terrorism. Needless to mention and as is evident from video and pictures available in public domain how the Men in Uniform are being treated by Stone Pelters. Add to this attitude of some in media and NGO’s towards men in uniform.

Human Rights are for law abiding citizens is accepted. Add to this Human Rights to even people in prison also makes sense. What is beyond understanding is protection of all anti India forces under Human Rights by #HumanRightsTraders . Why should a stone pelter be treated like a ordinary citizen if he has chosen to obstruct an on going terrorist encounter and helping terrorists to escape?

An armed forces officer or group of such men are duty bound to protect the nation from any external threat. If the threat has tresspassed in the form of terrorist, in the form of stone pelter supporting and giving cover to the terrorist then the men in uniform has every right to deal with them the way they deem fit depending on the circumstance.

These men in uniform have family and they too need and protected by Human Rights. If the law is concerned about the Hygiene in prisons and even slaughter house then why not the same concern for the men in uniform and their families?

Constant media trial, PIL by NGO’s and political interference has definitely diluted the deliverable in this sensitive state. Time has come to invoke all possible section of Crpc Act by the central government and also the nationalist forces to expose Breaking India forces who put pressure on the Men in Uniform by holding provocative seminars, media content, paint anti nationals in good light.

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights has summarized the same as ” As ‘citizens in uniform’, armed forces personnel, whether they be conscripts or volunteers, are entitled to the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as any other citizen,”

Some people have made Human Rights a money making and Breaking India business for some. These people and their organisations have dual standards. While they show concern and make hero out of a terrorist they have zero regard to the men in uniform and their dependent family. Time has come that the present government toes the Laxman Rekha for #HumanRightsTraders . They could be anyone- media, NGOs, individuals. We don’t need new laws. Time has come to safeguard the interest of Men in Uniform and tell their families as a vibrant democracy just the way we framed a law to fix the rapists under fast tract courts, we are going to deal with  #HumanRightsTraders also with an Iron Fist by way of fast track courts. Just having and carrying a tag of fourth pillar of democracy has no value unless that tag performs the duties it is supposed to.

All this has lead to the children of Army Officers to write to NHRC in February this year. Time is changing and so are the needs. We need to be proactive instead of being reactive. Writing is on the wall. If the stones have become weapon and #HumanRightsTraders their shield then both needs to be treated with the force and exemplary legal action.


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