April 24, 2019

I am Busy

I am busy.

Have noticed this being used by so many people. Be it friends, in office and even with some relatives. Interesting thing about this three word sentence is the ones who claim to be busy get free when they need your time. And this is the time when you are not supposed to put them on hold. You have to attend to them.

One classic example of being busy I recently saw on one of the WhatsApp group is one of our friend writing HBD to greet one of our classmates. Dude at least write Happy Birth Day in full. Kitna busy hai……. It sounds like RIP.

This is a disease right from children of VII standard onwards to about 60 age group.

You may be busy but have the basic courtesy of atleast sending a message that …………….

No this is also not possible. I have come across many people who ignore multiple phone calls, posting, sharing and busy-quotes-2liking something at least a dozen times in a day on social media. Then I tell myself. They are really busy.

These people are highly technology savvy. They update status.. Checked in at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Food at Mainland China is good. Coming here after a gap of 4 months, etc……..

In between if there is any good news like our team or any individual player winning. Then I am sure they would greet. Which is good.

If any bad news is there then curse the government. Some will google search and attach the links or screen shots. Then curse the government.

imagesI don’t mind my calls not being responded to. But atleast call up your family once a day after you are out for work. Surprisingly, some are using the three word sentence even within the family……. I am Busy.

So many good morning messages to attend and delete on WhatsApp. Oh God. Where do you find time. Please wish your family not monotonous wishes to WhatsApp group. Some messages come as early as 4:30 in the morning.

Change This

Engage yourself in social service in whatever way you can. Spend sometime for the Nation.

And then proudly say I am Busy I am doing something for the Nation.

Picture Credit: LinkedIn , Hippo Quotes Quotesgram

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