May 19, 2019

I know Nothing

The Anti-Modi brigade in the recent times has partially transformed itself into anti-India brigade. This is nothing new because this anti-Modi brigade has tried to sell India’s interests to fill their small secret bottomless coffers. During the entire time when the national interests were on stake, the courts remained mute spectators and got busy in running cricket, reforming festivals, protecting rights of certain types of animals, staying and delaying various government legislation and in some cases cancelling the laws.

The speed with which the courts could determine the NJAC was unconstitutional and has blackened the face of the government is truly mind boggling. The protection of their private secret fiefdom is the top priority issue to the courts and all other matters can take a hike. The funny thing about our courts and justice systems is that it accepts that there was loot but nobody is identified as the looter nor there would be anyone who has aided the loot of public resources. There are deaths due to cars, guns but there would be no drivers and shooters who get punished.

If we ever settle into believe in such simple things we would be fully wrong and partial to the impartial judiciary. When a police shoots a criminal, there would definitely be a shooter and he would be harassed. But when the criminal shoots at the police there would not be any shooter. This is the same case in matters related to soldiers who would be investigated but the criminals who are out there to kill and harass our soldiers are not identified.  If we think the judiciary is against the police we would be wrong. The courts believe that person was harassed by the state but would not allow the identification and punishment in a linear fashion and this punishment needs another decade of begging of justice for the knights in black coats to deliver on the constitutional promise of equality.

Looking back, the striking down of the NJAC impresses everyone. The judiciary which took 26 years to decide if a post man stole a few tens of rupees, the judiciary which is unable to decide if the son of former minister has made illegal wealth due to his father’s position, if a particular mother-son due have usurped 5000 crores of property and other million cases has in a very quick time decided the unconstitutionality of the act passed by India. This makes me believe that I know nothing and the government’s law ministers too know nothing. They are simply warming the chairs doing nothing to educate the citizens nor are they doing to set the judiciary in the right path.

There is neither intent nor a plan to look at the elephant in the room. What we knew so far is that the elected government is supreme in making laws and. With 300 or more seats in their hand and with sufficient numbers in the upper house the governments in the past few decades seem to have been meekly surrendering  the interests of the people who have voted them to power. The judiciary has morphed into anti-majoritarian institute aka anti-Hindu institute because of its excessive interference in Hindu matters without any fear of any difficult consequences. The parliament seems to be moving along the path the judiciary is laying for them and not making the path through the necessary constitutional amendments to set the rule of law.

The rule of law has gone for a toss because one arm of the constitution is acting like a bull in china shop. There are no limits to the stupidity and a sense of grandeur. The language used in the recent times by the courts has crossed the limits of propriety. It is becoming increasingly clear the courts have been serving themselves instead of the common people. A bunch of people have been deciding how a vast number of people have to lead their lives because of their proximity to the judiciary. Not one knows the inter connectedness among these bunch of people.

The recent issue of AADHAR decision by the courts seems to be putting spanner in the works of the government. In the simple test, if the government really wants to profile or do some damage to the people, it does not need any new card. It has got all the information because we have seen how the political parties with their grass roots workers could kill people with precision in Delhi and nobody gets convicted to give justice to the dead people. In some other place we all have believed who killed the people when the truth was covered up.

The recent rants by the judges about the basic structure of the constitution are stupid jargon to show the government who is the boss. The constitutional morality is a declaration by the judiciary that the nation does not belong to the people but to the activists who would appease the judges by a variety of means in certain issues. The citizens of this nation neither know about the basic structure nor do they know the constitutional morality. In a nation where planners of murders are given special treatment, fake evidence creators are allowed to be away from police investigation we know nothing.

The government of the day should tell people that the Judiciary seems to have decided to play political games instead of following the law mandated by the people. If any government dares to make laws which are in contravention to the spirit of the constitution, the people shall throw the government out of power and necessary corrections are possible. But the immoralities of the courts have no corrections possible because they seem to be on a different planet and as a citizen I do not know what they are up to. Their rules are neither transparent nor equal to all and yet they get to claim to be the protector of rights and also of the democracy that prevails in the nation.

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