April 19, 2019

I Smile during Terrorist Attacks

In the recent times the several terrorist attacks has started to bring a smile on my face. Does this mean that I am a anti-human. The answer would be explored in the following paragraphs in great details. Every time an attack takes the first things the world eagerly awaits is regarding the details of the attacker and not the people who have died. The details if the attacker was a truck, car, jeep, gun, bomb, knife etc. Some groups are interested in knowing the religion of the attacker which in most cases is obvious and when it is not clear then the skin color is what creates a interest in the consumers of the terrorism porn.

Terrorism Porn (TP), that is the exact word that needs to be used because most of the elite citizens who are not affected by the random planned terrorist acts want more of them to happen. The addiction levels are high and the elite want a regular dosage and to keep them coming back for more. It is not only the quantity but the thrills in analyzing and creating a hype post the Terrorism Porn act is what prolongs the happiness of the elite people of mostly the western world and their copy cats in other developing countries. The TP consumers desperately cringe to get to know the hero of the act and the producers of show when it is highly obvious because the script is always the same and it is only a repetition. Thus terrorism is more of Porn but sexual porn has some dignity in a sense that they donot attack people but might be responsible for some dark acts.

When there is a demand for TP how can be suppliers be far away and there are more and more suppliers of this product and it seems that it is a flourishing business. The producers of TP have nations as their studios and with actors coming in from all nationalities in the hope of satiating their unlimited cravings. But the most boring part of the TP is the repetition and hence an innovative concept has been developed known as lone wolf in the western world and fiyadeen kind in the world that I am a part of. The names of the actors might be different but the script is always the same. The distributors of the TP are mostly the usual suspects among the elite who are now classified as Terror Support Services by some people on social media.

But the sad part of this TP industry is the credits part where the script never gets its due and everyone among TSS groups deny the credit to the script which makes the producers angry. In reality a game is being played by TSS to get better product and more bizarre acts in the TP because the hardcore addict consumers want more scintillating acts to be visually seen and crave to be heard. The TP industry always meets its customer demand and has ever since seen a growing market for its products. The TSS waits eagerly to know the details of the producer and if there is no announcement there would be around panic because new product from new production house is a danger to the established order. When a degraded society is not bothered about the grooming of young girls, pedophilia by holy men how could anyone expect them to worry about TP and its mighty business empire.

Coming back to my reason for the laughter at the TP is simple. Every release of TP is making more people get directly or indirectly affected by TP. The script is also getting its due credit slowly and it is only a matter of time that the script is called out in its original name and it is declared as a terror manual. The addicts of TP would have to find a better way to satiate themselves. If this does not happen then in the next 50 years there would be no one left to consume the TP as everyone would be part of the Industry.

Since the end result of the growth of TP is becoming clear, the smile on my face is of peace because Dharma wins and the TP will get shut down. But in the age of Kaliyuga the certainty is lost and hence it is only a smile or else it would have been a laughter riot.

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