April 23, 2019

I support Prashant Patel

Twitter has this nasty habit of suspending accounts which by all parameters are not abusive, ask tough questions and are perceived to be ‘Nationalistic’.

About two years ago, a young lawyer, twitter handle @ippatel shot into prominence. This young bright lawyer discovered that 21 MLAs of AAP party are holding office of profit. Single handedly he pursued this case, pitting himself against a powerful ecosystem of AAP, Lutyens and the left cabal. He withstood tremendous pressure but did not take back his case.

A couple of weeks ago, the EC agreed that the MLAs held office of profit and recommended their disqualification. President Kovind approved the recommendation. Since then Prashant Patel is being targeted ruthlessly by the proxies of the ecosystem, led in this case by Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghose, ably supported by India Today and Arun Poorie as Rajdeep threatened Prashant with libel on the official letterhead of India Today group.

Since Fists were out, Prashant dug up reports exposing Dilip Sardesai and raised very relevant questions on the Admission in Manipal Medical college of the son of Rajdeep and Sagarika. Tweeple will remember a series of ‘exposes’ done by Rajdeep on Medical Management seats. Then Sagarika had Tweeted about her son getting admitted to Manipal Medical college. That time lots of questions were raised about the admission. Now we find that the twitter handle of Prashant Patel has been suspended temporarily.

The twitter bio of Prashant read that he is a worshiper of Ambedkar’s Constitution. He is an admirer of Sarvarkar. He is a staunch nationalist. Inspite of these qualities, he has been suspended from twitter! Or is it that because of these qualities he has been denied access to his twitter account.

I wish twitter answers these questions and also explain and justify these restrictions on FoE of tweeple of a certain ideology.

Otherwise assassination threats, abuses, fake news about Modi gets those handles a blue tick and a wide berth. Let us all support this bright lawyer and demand Prashant Patel gets his twitter handle back.


Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter, Rishabh’s Lens


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